How to cook celery?

Celery odorous - a plant of the genus of herbaceous families Umbilical, is a widespread vegetable culture. All parts of this super-useful plant are used for food: green overground (petioles and leaves) and underground (thickened rhizome). Also, celery is widely used in phytomedicine, since it has powerful healing properties of a wide spectrum.

Celery has a beneficial effect on all systems of the human body, promotes blood purification, normalizes water-salt metabolism, raises immunity and tone (without increasing blood pressure), enhances working capacity, endurance and mental activity, improves skin condition, has strong aphrodisiac properties.

In addition to other usefulness, due to the high fiber content, the celery root has a "negative caloric value", that is, the regular inclusion in the food of this product helps to get rid of excess weight, which is very actual now for countries with a normal level of economic and social development.

Tell you what you can make from celery cherushkovogo, that is, from the stems.

Of course, stalks of celery can be added to any salads other than fruit salads, as well as any soups or borscht as greens. This is done when the soup is almost ready. The main thing - in pursuit of utility not to get carried away by quantity: stalks and celery leaves have very powerful characteristic taste and no less powerful aroma. An excessive amount of celery drowns out all other flavors and smells, but we do not want this (and if that's just gnawing on the petioles, they are very useful, of course, in reasonable quantities).

From the stalks of celery, you can prepare juice, which is quite simple, you need to crush the stems in any convenient way and wring out. And you can just eat it in the form of mashed potatoes. In a mixture with natural tomato juice - it's just a miraculous tonic and fat burning drink, and if it is seasoned with hot red pepper, it will generally be super useful, especially for men. Tomato juice can be prepared from tomato paste simply by adding the right amount of water, but only if tomato is without preservatives (this is usually written on the package).

Now about what and how you can properly prepare from the root of celery.

Well, of course, it can be cut and added to borscht and soups - the main thing is not to digest. But with this approach to cooking, the utility of this wonderful root crop is, in some way, reduced, and therefore it is better to prepare salads with a celery root, and it is more delicious when the celery in the salad is the main product. Other ingredients are almost not required, as the root crop has its own characteristic pleasant taste with nut notes, and the tastes of not all other vegetables are combined with it. Then trust your culinary intuition, try it.

Salad with celery root



Clear the root of the celery and squeeze it on medium or large grater. It will be even better to use a grater for Korean carrots - so there will be an aesthetic and interesting look. If the wild garlic - finely chop it, if garlic - it is better to press through a manual press. Greens are also chopped finely.

Prepare a dressing from butter and lemon juice (3: 1 or 4: 1), season with hot red pepper. We will combine all the ingredients in a salad bowl and drink with a dressing. It should be noted that the addition of avocados , chicory, endivia, red sweet pepper, some cabbage varieties and leaf salads to such a salad will not worsen its taste and significantly increase the utility dishes. You can also add sesame seeds and chopped nuts. But about the onion there is no unequivocal opinion, because onion smell and taste are also strong enough.

You can make this salad even more satisfying, adding boiled meat cut into it with small strips or small pieces (chicken breast, beef).

In general, more boldly and more often use celery for food and better - fresh (there are, however, contraindications - pregnancy, postoperative period, complications of the genitourinary system).