Salad with potatoes and bananas

Salads, as we know, are very different. Human culinary culture knows recipes from the most simple and customary to the most complex, exotic, very refined and completely unconventional. All because salad is such a universal dish in which ingredients can be combined in the most unexpected combinations.

Here are a few recipes for salads with bananas.

When buying bananas, it is better to choose slightly unripe fruit, not too large (that is, not fodder).

Salad of bananas with the addition of potatoes - a somewhat unexpected solution for the inhabitants of the post-Soviet space, we somehow are not used to such gastronomic combinations, is not it?

However, potato salad with bananas is an Italian dish, and Italian culinary traditions are very interesting and sophisticated enough. This unusual dish has a sweetish taste, it can be served as an independent dish, as well as with fried (baked) chicken or with other meat and some fish gastronomic delights. Such salad can be advised to cook for those who lead an active lifestyle, constantly engaged in physical work or sports, wants to gain weight.

Salad with potatoes and banana



Potatoes boil in a uniform, clean and cut into slices. Peeled onions chop a quarter of rings, tomatoes and apples - small slices, and sweet peppers - a short straw. Bananas clean and cut into not too thin circles. Immediately sprinkle slices of apples and pieces of banana with lemon juice. Garlic and most of the greenery chopped finely. All the ingredients are placed in a salad bowl, poured with a dressing from a mixture of oil and vinegar and mixed. We decorate with greenery.

Adding to this salad young olives without pits cut into slices, as well as cheese, for example, mozzarella, will make the taste even more interesting and exquisite. As a fill, you can also use classic unsweetened yogurt.

Those who care about the figure, you can offer to replace the potatoes (or some part of it) with celery, so the salad will be more useful (celery is better to grate on a large grater).

A recipe for a healthy light salad with bananas in fusion style



We'll peel bananas, cut them into slices and sprinkle with lemon juice. Cut the fruit of the avocado along, remove the stone and gently remove the pulp with a spoon, and then cut into small cubes and also immediately sprinkle with lemon juice. Slices of oranges cut each into 2-4 parts, and sweet pepper - a short straw. Narubim finely garlic and greens. We put everything in a salad bowl, pour with yogurt and mix, decorate with twigs of greens.

You can serve this salad in separate serving salad bowls or special glasses. Adding slices of autumn not too juicy, but very fragrant pears can be interesting to modify the taste of this dish. This salad is good to serve with boiled fish or chicken fillet .

You yourself can come up with different salads with bananas and / or potatoes, since the salad theme is a wide field for culinary fantasy.