Germination of seeds at home

Germination of seeds at home has many advantages. You can get quality seedlings for planting in the country without chemical treatment.

Methods of germination of seeds

  1. Scarification . It is used for seeds that have a very dense shell, which interferes with the intake of moisture. In the part of the seed, the farthest from the eye, the sheath is gently cut with a sharp knife or rubbed with sandpaper.
  2. Soaking . It is carried out in hot water, the temperature of which is 50-60ºС. Seeds are left in the water for 24 hours. Soaking helps soften the shell. When the seeds swell, they are planted non-dried.
  3. Stratification. Cold helps awaken some seeds. They are placed in a refrigerator in a bag with moistened sand. As a rule, stratification lasts 3-5 weeks.
  4. Germination in a package. This method is suitable for very small seeds. On the saucer spread a damp napkin, on which the seeds are laid out. The saucer is placed in a plastic bag, which is tied. Thus, a mini-greenhouse is created. He is put in a well-lit place. When the seeds begin to germinate, they are taken out and planted in the soil.

Germination of seeds at home for seedlings

To prepare the seedlings, the seeds are planted in the soil, which was purchased at a specialized store or prepared independently. You can use a mixture of turf ground, manure and sand in the proportions: 3: 1: 0.25.

Soil is watered and mixed to make it homogeneous and saturated with moisture. Then in the ground make grooves with the help of a pencil, in which pre-prepared seeds are placed. The next groove is carried out at a distance of 2.5-3 cm. When all the seeds are sown, the soil is leveled and watered.

After the emergence of shoots 3-4 leaves, they are dived in different cups.

Seed germination temperature

The temperature for germination of seeds depends on what crops you are going to grow. For example, peppers or tomatoes like heat. For them, a temperature of + 20-25 ° C is required. Seeds are placed above the battery on the windowsills on the windows that extend to the east or south sides.

Cabbage does not like heat, it will be enough for it + 15-18ºС, so it is not placed next to the battery.

At night, the temperature should be lowered. To do this, open the window and draw the curtains, so that cold air falls on the windowsill.

Proper germination of seeds implies constant monitoring of them. It is necessary to follow that the balance of lighting and temperature is observed, the air in the room is not dry, the soil is sufficiently moistened. This will help you grow quality seedlings .