Food on the road

When traveling on a train, bus or car, you should definitely bring snack food, especially if the trip is delayed for several days and the child is traveling with you. But you should treat this issue very carefully and take only those products that do not deteriorate quickly and do not spoil your weekend.

What kind of food to take on the road?

Food for the road must meet several criteria:

  1. Do not have a sharp odor . Even if it's your favorite product, its smell will start to annoy you after a while. Not to mention neighbors, if you travel by public transport.
  2. Do not leave a lot of garbage on yourself . Crumbs, a large amount of packaging - it's all undesirable on the road, as it brings inconvenience.
  3. Food should be stored for a long time and not spoil without a refrigerator . Also, it should not melt, spread and fill the entire contents of the bag.
  4. It should not be cumbersome and heavy . It's one thing if you are driving a car, but on a bus tour, for example, you will be hampered by a bag with such food.

What food to take on the road by car, bus, train?

Vegetables and fruits. They are suitable for full-fledged meals, and for snacks. Sliced ​​carrots, sweet peppers or apples will completely replace chips, sweets or seeds. Cut them in advance, and they will diversify your diet.

Sandwiches, rolls, sandwiches . They are the most common road food. You can do them not with a strong smelling sausage, but with a more wholesome and tasty chop or cheese. And for those who are against calories, instead of bread, you can suggest wrapping the stuffing in a thin lavash. Rolls are not less satisfying and very comfortable.

Potatoes should not be boiled, but baked and stored in foil. So he will "live" for two days and will remain fully usable for consumption.

For delicious and healthy snacks, dry fruits, pastilles, muesli in the form of bars, nuts are perfectly suited. They can solve the problem of what to give a child on the road from food, replacing them with harmful rusks and chips.