Endometriosis and pregnancy - is it possible to save and give birth to a baby?

Endometriosis is a gynecological disease in which endometrial cells grow into neighboring organs and tissues. Their presence is fixed on the peritoneum, in the ovaries, fallopian tubes and even in the bladder, rectum. Consider the disease in more detail, we will find out whether endometriosis and pregnancy are compatible.

Can I get pregnant with endometriosis?

Many women with a similar disease are often interested in the answer to the question as to whether pregnancy is possible with endometriosis. Everything depends on the severity of the disorder and the localization of the foci of growth of the endometrial tissue. Often, women experience problems with conception in this violation. Answering the question as to whether pregnancy is possible with endometriosis of the uterus, gynecologists pay attention to the following:

  1. Absence of ovulation. In such cases, women can record individual episodes of menstrual discharge, which are unprincipled, have no regularity, are often painful. Ovulatory processes in this case may be absent, because of what conception becomes impossible. This is observed when the ovaries are affected.
  2. Implantation disorders. It is observed with adenomyosis , when the inner shell of the uterus is severely damaged. At the same time, fertilization is possible, pregnancy occurs, but it is interrupted on a short term, 7-10 days after conception. A fetal egg can not attach to the wall of the uterus, as a result of which it dies and is released outward.
  3. Disorders in the endocrine system. Such phenomena provoke the spread of endometriosis to neighboring organs and tissues, the defeat of the entire reproductive system.

According to statistical data, the probability of pregnancy with endometriosis is approximately 50%. Half of the patients have problems with conception. It should be noted that about 30-40% of cases are diagnosed directly during pregnancy. This is a confirmation of possible conception in the presence of a disease. Everything depends on what is directly affected. If the sex glands or one of them functions normally, the probability of fertilization exists.

Pregnancy and endometriosis of the ovaries

Having dealt with what is endometriosis of the ovaries, whether it is possible to conceive in this case, it should be noted that in practice this is very problematic. More often endometrioid formations in the sex glands look like a cyst - a cavity filled with liquid contents. Their diameter varies from 5 mm to several cm. In this case, the merging of several formations into one can be fixed. As a result, the entire tissue of the sexual glands is involved and the process of ovulation becomes impossible. The endometrial tissue sites themselves can enter the ovaries in the following ways:

Pregnancy and endometriosis of the uterus

As already noted above, pregnancy with endometriosis of the uterus is possible. In this case, often a diagnosis is diagnosed directly in the examination of a pregnant woman. Doctors in this case occupy wait and see tactics. Assessing the extent of the lesion, its location, gynecologists make a further decision about the type of therapy. However, often endometriosis itself becomes the cause of the absence of pregnancy.

After successful fertilization, the egg on the fallopian tubes is sent to the uterine cavity for implantation. Fixation of the fetal egg in the wall of the genital organ is the key moment in the coming pregnancy. If the inner shells are severely affected, it can not normally penetrate the uterine wall, as a result of which it dies after 1-2 days. Pregnancy does not come, and the woman fixes the appearance of bloody discharge, which it takes for menstrual.

Endometriosis and pregnancy after 40 years

Endometriosis and pregnancy after 40 are practically incompatible concepts. The number of such cases is small, but it is impossible to completely eliminate this phenomenon. The peculiarity of the pathology lies in the spread of the focus to nearby organs and systems. In addition, ovulation at this age is not constant, so the probability of conception decreases several times.

When a woman shows endometriosis and pregnancy at the same time, doctors recommend interrupting gestation. There is a high risk of miscarriage, which is due to functional and anatomical changes in the reproductive system. Treatment of the disease involves surgical intervention, which is also incompatible with pregnancy. Among the possible complications of gestation at this age:

How to become pregnant with endometriosis?

Often gynecologists tell a woman experiencing problems with conception that pregnancy and cervical uterine endometriosis are not mutually exclusive definitions. In doing so, they always pay attention to the possibility of a normal course of pregnancy. Even in cases where fertilization occurs, pregnancy does not begin because of a lack of normal implantation. To become pregnant and endure a child with this disease, doctors advise:

Pregnancy after treatment of endometriosis

Pregnancy after endometriosis does not differ from the one that occurs when there is no disease. Restoration of the inner layer of the uterus makes implantation possible. Besides, after the passed course of therapy, ovulatory processes are normalized. With this conception is possible in the first month. In practice, with properly selected treatment, it occurs within 3-5 cycles.

Planning pregnancy in endometriosis

Pregnancy in endometriosis is undesirable. If there is a violation, the doctors are recommended to undergo a course of therapy before planning a child. After surgical treatment, the administration of hormonal drugs is prescribed. Such treatment takes a long time - 4-6 months. Hormonal drugs introduce the reproductive system into a "rest" mode, so it is better not to attempt to become pregnant. Only after the course, the final examination, doctors give permission to plan pregnancy.

How does endometriosis affect pregnancy?

Women who learned about endometriosis and pregnancy in almost one day are interested in the question of how pregnancy takes place in endometriosis. Doctors do not give an unambiguous answer, warning about possible complications of the gestational process. Among the common violations:

How to save pregnancy in endometriosis?

After revealing endometriosis during pregnancy in the early stages, doctors establish a dynamic observation for the future mother. This is associated with a high risk of complications - a dead pregnancy , a miscarriage. To avoid them, the pregnant woman must comply with medical prescriptions and prescriptions. Often, hormonal medications are prescribed to support gestation. In order to save her pregnancy, the expectant mother should:

Does pregnancy endometriosis treat?

Doctors say that the earlier existing endometriosis, during pregnancy is less apparent and almost does not bother the woman. This is due to the increase in the level of progesterone, which adversely affects the growth of foci. Very small can disappear altogether. In such cases, women say that they have cured endometriosis and a future pregnancy will come soon. In part this is true - the clinical picture disappears, the patient does not bother anymore. However, after delivery, it is necessary to undergo a checkup to completely eliminate the disease.