Coat without sleeves 2016

The fashion of the spring-summer season 2016 can not help but surprise, as many popular garments have distinguished themselves with an interesting design. So, this applies to a sleeveless coat, which at first glance is an ordinary elongated waistcoat. Despite this, he retained his elegance, charm and sophistication of the classic coat style.

Overview of fashion brands sleeveless sleeves season spring-summer 2016

  1. Boohoo . This British brand does not create boring and monotonous things. Each of her collection is juicy, bright and executed according to the latest fashion trends, and due to this, such a coat will be able to become the highlight of any spring image.
  2. New Look . Once in 1947, it was founded by the great Christian Dior as the personification of a romantic style of clothing. To this day, he has retained his grace: it is enough to even look at the sleeveless coat of the collection of 2016 for the full fashionistas and realize that a girl with any volumes in this dress can look stunning.
  3. River Island . The most popular British brand did not become an exception this year and also created for its customers a popular coat model that harmoniously looks both with business skirts and with casual jeans.
  4. Lavish Alice . Mark, whose official person was Lindsay Lohan last summer, creates clothes for unique and strong-minded girls. Each model of the brand is inspired by catwalks and a sleeveless coat is no exception.

Who will wear a sleeveless coat?

Of course, on long-legged beauties it will look unmatched. However, there is good news for girls with medium and low growth: this model will visually lengthen and pull out your silhouette, and therefore safely wear this outer garment. Here the main thing is to choose the right length of the product, for example, if the height is about 165 cm, then do not give preference to the coat in the floor. The best option is the length to the middle of the calves.

As for the type of figure, this model will not decorate the look of girls with massive top and lush hips.

With what to wear?

A coat without sleeves is already a chip of any outfit, and therefore, putting it on, it is not worth adding to the image of some bright accents, catchy details.

Help to straighten the silhouette of a pencil skirt, straight cut or dress-case. For walks, wear a sleeveless coat with a shirt and "boyfriends", without forgetting to take with them a backpack.

And at work you can put flared pants and shoes on the hairpin, due to which the business look will become even more feminine and refined.