Adenomyosis and pregnancy

Adenomyosis is a diagnosis that means the proliferation of endometrial tissue beyond the uterine cavity with its introduction into the womb walls. Otherwise, this disease is called internal endometriosis - a term that many women "hear". Such pathology can be a serious obstacle if a woman plans to become a mother. Possibilities of conception with this disease are greatly reduced, and the process of gestation is under constant threat. We will understand how compatible adenomyosis of the uterus and pregnancy.

Adenomyosis of the uterus - causes and symptoms

The peculiarity of the mucous cavity of the uterus is that it is capable of multiply expanding under the action of hormones. This is necessary to receive a fertilized egg, its introduction into the wall of the uterus and the onset of pregnancy. The endometrium lining the inner uterine walls and, in the absence of pregnancy, is rejected and exits through the vagina in the form of menstruation.

If, for some reason, endometrial cells enter the abdominal cavity (as a result of surgery, trauma, casting of menstrual blood), they can "settle down" on the surface of other organs, causing foci of inflammatory processes. What causes the endometrium to "grow" into the walls of the uterus is still unclear, but the internal endometriosis, in its manifestations and consequences, is not "better" than the external one.

Can I get pregnant with adenomyosis?

On the question of whether pregnancy is possible with adenomyosis, it is difficult to answer unequivocally. On the one hand, adenomyosis causes female infertility in 40 - 80% of patients. On the other hand, even severe cases of endometriosis successfully respond to competent treatment. The diagnosis of an adenomyosis of the uterus is not at all a verdict, it is possible to become pregnant with it without even resorting to the intervention of gynecologists.

If timely start effective therapy, then getting pregnant with adenomyosis is all the more possible, but will this decision be supported by the attending physician? Improvement of the state of internal endometriosis during pregnancy occurs frequently, but the chances of disease progression in case of an unfavorable outcome of gestation are the same. Therefore, more often doctors are advocating for pregnancy, but only after curing adenomyosis.

Adenomyosis in pregnancy

If, during adenomyosis, pregnancy occurs spontaneously or during special therapy, a woman must be under vigilant medical supervision. Disturbed hormonal background, increased contractile activity of myometrium due to pathology in adenomyosis do not always prevent how to conceive, but almost always are risk factors for miscarriage.

All efforts should be aimed at maintaining the pregnancy, because when it interrupts there is a strong relapse of adenomyosis, often growing into a heavier form. When preparing for childbirth, it should be borne in mind that in pregnant women with uterine adenomyosis, the risk of postpartum

With the recovery of menstruation after childbirth, the symptoms of adenomyosis, which have died out during pregnancy, are renewed, so it is better to have an antirecretive therapy in advance, including taking hormonal drugs, strengthening immunity and other measures suggested by the doctor.

It should also be protected from unwanted pregnancy in order to avoid abortion, since the artificial termination of pregnancy serves as a provoking factor for a massive onset of endometriosis. It is also desirable to avoid interventions on the uterus to prevent the transition of adenomyosis to the external form of extensive endometriosis.