Crusts on the child's head

The yellow crust on the head of newborns is a frequent and often disturbing phenomenon for parents. Scaly scales or milk crusts on the head of babies are called seborrheic dermatitis. But do not worry too much - this is absolutely not a dangerous phenomenon for the health, which can be overcome with the help of a short treatment. To date, there are quite effective methods for treating crusts on the head of a child: these are folk remedies, shampoo from crusts, and cosmetic preparations.

The causes of the formation of yellow crusts on the head of newborns

Milk-yellow crust on the head is formed most often in the area of ​​the temechka, it is tight enough to cover the skin, and when it departs, it is often accompanied by hairs. The root of the problem of the appearance of crusts on the head of the child is considered to be the parent hormones, which provoke excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands, which subsequently leads to the appearance of dry, scaly scales. Another cause of the appearance of yellow crusts on the head is an allergy. In this case, the use of oil from the crusts on the head will be effective, but first of all it is nevertheless recommended to seek medical advice from a qualified specialist.

Children's shampoo from crusts, soap and other cleansing cosmetics with excessive or too frequent use can also cause seborrheic dermatitis in the newborn. Under the condition of competent care for the baby - you can easily get rid of the crusts on the child's head, which will quickly be replaced by silky, elastic and soft curls.

How to quickly get rid of crusts on the child's head?

To treat crusts on the head was successful, never allow the crumb to comb them, do not try to rip off the dry scales with fingernails, remove the comb or other improvised means. So you can "open the road" to a pathogenic microflora. And together with the "liquidation" of milky yellow crusts on the head - there is a risk of damaging the protective layer of tender, sensitive peels.

Removing the yellow, scaly crusts, pre-soften them with oil from the crusts on the head. For the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis you will need: olive, cream or special, baby oil, cotton or linen cap, comb with blunt, frequent teeth and a soft sponge. One hour before the adoption of water procedures, lubricate the baby's head with oil from the crusts on his head and put on a hat.

Before bathing, remove the newborn from the cap and use a sponge to gently massage the skin, especially in the area of ​​localization of crusts. Then apply a little shampoo, rinse thoroughly the head of the crumb and gently pat with a towel. Remain the remaining milk crust neatly combed with a comb. Such treatment procedures can be repeated no more than twice a week.

To get rid of the crusts on the child's head forever in the field of the temples - use the oil from the crusts on your head, do not forget about gentle massage and as often as possible let's breathe the skin of the baby. Good health to you and your baby!