Cream for allergies - the best "soothing" remedy for the skin

In spring, immunity undergoes intensive tests for strength due to the onset of flowering and increased activity of the sun. People who are sensitive to irritants suffer from exacerbation of skin allergies. In addition to antihistamines in the form of tablets, they need to use effective local means in parallel.

How does the skin allergy manifest?

Several types of negative dermatological reactions and rashes are known to medicine. Types of skin allergies:

  1. Hives. This form of pathology looks like red itchy spots with flat pale pink blisters. The name of the rash was due to the similarity of symptoms with burns from the nettle.
  2. Atopic dermatitis or neurodermatitis. This type of allergy manifests itself in the form of dry and inflamed plaques with clear boundaries. The spots have a bright red color, are strongly flaky, sometimes small pimples are formed on their surface.
  3. Eczema. The most severe form of allergy is accompanied by hyperemia, itching and marked swelling. The epidermis is covered with small multiple vesicles that burst and turn into erosion, ulceration. Later they overgrown with crusts and thick scales.
  4. Contact dermatitis. The skin quickly blushes and swells in the areas where it is affected by the stimulus. There is severe dryness, peeling and cracking of the epidermis. This dermatitis is combined with itching and burning.

Than to treat an allergy on a skin?

If the immune system reaction is accompanied by severe signs, ulceration and inflammation, complex therapy is required. Acute skin allergy treatment involves both systemic and local. It is necessary to take antihistamine medications (tablets or drops) simultaneously and apply external means. When the symptoms of pathology are limited only to the damage to the epidermis, they can be eliminated only by local drugs.

Cream for allergy - composition

There are 2 groups of medications in question - with and without steroid ingredients. Hormonal cream against skin allergy is prescribed by a dermatologist, if other medications do not help and the symptoms of the disease include intense inflammation. Such drugs are used in short courses, because they can be addictive.

A simple allergy cream contains natural extracts and safe ingredients that have antipruritic, antihistamine and softening effects. This group of medicines suppresses unpleasant sensations, provides moisturizing and softening of dry or cracked epidermis, accelerates the healing of erosions and the restoration of local immunity.

Non-hormonal cream for allergies

The described variant of pharmacological agents can have the following ingredients in the composition:

Non-hormonal cream from face allergy instead of petrolatum contains purified cosmetic glycerin . This ingredient is less comedogenic, it creates a permeable microscopic film on the surface of the epidermis, which ensures moisture retention in cells, but does not interfere with oxygen exchange and respiration of the skin, does not clog pores.

Hormonal Cream for Allergies

An active component of such local drugs are glucocorticosteroids. They stop any severe manifestation of allergy on the skin, including acute inflammation and suppuration. The considered group of medicines should be used only under the recommendation of the doctor and under his guidance, because hormonal agents provoke many side effects, addictive and worsening of immune reactions.

A cream from an allergy with steroids can contain the following chemical compounds:

Cream for itching of the skin for allergies

If the spots only itch, but not inflamed, it is desirable to do non-hormonal means. Dermatologists recommend choosing a cream for itching for allergies among such medicines:

Cream for allergic skin rashes

In the presence of spots, erosions and blisters should be selected more potent drugs that produce anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. The composition of the drug depends on the type of immune reaction. To relieve mild symptoms, a standard cream for allergies without glucocorticosteroids is suitable:

When the rashes are inflamed and suppurate, hormonal drugs are required that have an immunosuppressive effect. In severe allergies, combined creams are recommended. They contain not only corticosteroids, but also antibiotics or antifungal components. Appoint such funds can only be a specialist. Independent therapy is dangerous complications.

Selecting a cream from an allergy in the sun, it is important to buy cosmetics with SPF not lower than 30. Additional protection will ensure prevention of aggravation or aggravation of negative reactions of immunity. To soften the symptoms of photodermatitis will help the above medicines. In difficult cases (attachment of a bacterial or fungal infection), you should consult a doctor.

Best Allergy Cream

There are no universal drugs that are effective for all types of dermatitis. Immune reactions are individual, so an effective allergy cream is selected by the doctor for each specific case. Among the hormonal medications, the most safe is considered to be Advantan . He rarely provokes negative side effects and is less conducive to addiction. Popular nonharmonic drugs are Gystan and Emolium. The second means refers to cosmetic, rather than pharmacological, preparations.

Cream for Allergies Advantan

The presented local medicine is based on a synthetic steroid methylprednisolone. It is almost not absorbed through the skin and does not penetrate into the bloodstream in high concentrations, so it can be used longer than other similar agents. This cream for allergies to the skin is prescribed even to children from 4 months. During use, it is important to strictly follow the advice of a dermatologist, too long therapy is fraught with atrophy of the epidermis.

Cream for Allergy Gystan

The described drug does not contain hormones, in its composition:

You can apply this cream to face allergies, it softens and moisturizes sensitive skin, eliminates excessive dryness and prevents cracking. Gystan does not provoke the formation of comedones, it quickly removes irritation and redness, it stops inflammation. This product has antiseptic and antimicrobial activity.

There is another cream from a skin allergy with a similar name - Gistan-N. This version of the drug is based on the hormone mometasone. It is considered a safe compound, comparable in effectiveness to potent corticosteroids, but without concomitant side effects and atrophy of the epidermis. Gystan-N is designed to relieve only severe inflammation and therapy of severe disease.

Cream for allergies Emolium

This cosmetic product is made of safe natural ingredients:

Emolium is not a healing cream against allergies, but an intensively moisturizing drug (emollient). It produces the following effects:

You can apply this cream against allergy on the face and body of courses of any duration, even constantly, but Emolium helps only with mild symptoms of the disease. It removes irritation and redness, eliminates dryness and peeling. In the presence of blisters, ulcers and inflammatory processes with suppuration, this cosmetic product has no pronounced effect.