Classic cottage cheese casserole in the oven - recipe

Cottage cheese casserole is the most tasty and brightly remembered moment from kindergarten! Children will never give up this delicate, fragrant, and most importantly very delicious dish. Though from such dainty and the adult for ears to not delay. We bring to your attention several types of recipe for the preparation of the classic curd casserole, which we will cook in the oven. Glad all adults and children!

Classic curd casserole in the oven



The main component of the classic curd casserole is cottage cheese. Therefore it is very important that it be fresh with a pleasant sour smell and taste.

In order not to rub the cottage cheese by hand, you can use a meat grinder. In the already curled cottage cheese we add raisins.

In a separate bowl, with the help of a handful, whisk eggs with vanilla and ordinary sugar, a pinch of salt. Then pour this mixture into the dishes with cottage cheese and raisins. We mix everything thoroughly so that the resulting mass becomes homogeneous. Spread the whole mass in an oiled creamy oil form. We recommend using a special form of heat-resistant glass. In it the casserole turns out to be more damp and juicy, practically not burning. We put the form filled with curd mass in the oven, heated to 190 degrees. After 45 minutes the classic curd casserole can be served to the table.

Recipe for classic curd casserole with a manga



To make this kind of casserole we need a good home-made cottage cheese: not lumpy, not dry, but not too wet, yellowish or white.

Put cottage cheese in a strainer or colander, wipe it. Melt the butter on low heat and watch that it does not boil. After removing the oil from the fire, stirring constantly, we combine it with beaten eggs, sugar and vanilla. Adding semolina to them, stir everything again and let the mixture stand for 15 minutes. When the manga starts to increase in volume, we mix it with cottage cheese. Washed and cleaned from the possible debris of raisins add to the curd mass, which we, according to taste, a little salted.

We spread the resulting mixture into buttered butter and sprinkled with breadcrumbs for breading, shape. Using a spoon, level the surface, grease it with sour cream, sprinkle the top with butter shavings and bake in a warm oven at 210 degrees, for 30-35 minutes.

Such a recipe for classic curd casserole, to taste, like in kindergarten!

Recipe for classic curd casserole with flour



We rub through the sieve cottage cheese. Now, when it is small and friable, we introduce flour into it. In the egg we add on taste salt, vanilla and the right amount of sugar, whipping everything with a fork, pour into cottage cheese. Raisins are cleaned from possible tails, washed and enveloped in flour, then the casserole will not be wet. We enter the raisins in the curd mass, mix it and spread it onto the oiled and sprinkled bread crumbs. From above, grease all sour cream and sprinkle with frozen, grated butter. We send the form with the casserole to the oven, heated to 180 degrees.

When the dish starts to take a shade of golden color, then you can consider the curd casserole ready. Pour it with berry syrup and start eating.