Chile Concern: recipe

Meat with chili or thick chili con carne (chili con carne, Spanish, literally "chili with meat") is one of the original dishes, formed in Central American culinary traditions, popular in Texas and the Mexican border areas.

How to cook chili con carne?

So, chili con carne, the recipe is adapted.



Stage one. We will cut the meat in very small cubes (you can, of course, use a meat grinder with a large grill or kitchen processor, but it's better to chop the meat manually). Prepare spices and vegetables. Pea peppers, zir, oregano and cloves are ground in a mortar carefully. Peel the onion and garlic from the husk and chop it finely. Sweet peppers cut into short straws. Fresh chili pepper is cleaned from seeds and chopped as much as possible (if chili is dry - soaked with spices in a mortar). We heat the vegetable oil in a large frying pan (sunflower, corn, and pork smale). Fry the meat on medium-high heat, stirring actively with a spatula, until the liquid is almost completely evaporated and a beautiful brownish-golden hue appears.

Stage two. We put the stained meat into a saucepan (cauldron or saucepan). We simmer the meat on low heat almost until cooked, so that it is easy enough to chew. If you add a glass of homemade (unsalted) grape wine to the meat, it will turn out to be more gentle. You can add a little water or meat broth and simmer for another 20 minutes.

Stage three. Fry onion in oil, which remains in the pan after roasting meat (do not pass, but fry). Add the rest of the vegetables to it. Fry minutes 4, stirring with a shovel. Add dry spices and reduce fire. Extinguish another minute. 4. Add vegetables and ready-made beans (if using canned - rinse with boiled water) to the meat. Next, add blanched tomatoes, sliced, or tomato. In the end, add lime juice, melted bitter chocolate and cocoa powder. Thoroughly mix. Immediately before serving, we season each portion with a tablespoon of sour cream, chopped garlic and greens of coriander.

Sometimes in chili concarne (near the end of the cooking process) add a little honey or brown sugar, as well as chocolate or cocoa. Chili cocaine with cocoa is obtained especially tasty and unusual, although for Latin American countries such a combination is quite natural. As a seasoning, usually use oregano, cumin, black and sweet pepper, coriander, sometimes bay leaf and others.

Option for vegetarians

The vegetarian version of this popular soup is called chili non carne or chili sin carne which can literally be translated as "chili without meat". In this version, natural meat is replaced with soy, beans, beans, tofu. Eggplants, zucchini and / or pumpkin are also used.

What is served chili concarne?

Chile can be served with tortillas or nachos chips, with boiled rice. You can serve a glass of tequila or mescal.