Babies for newborns

In this article, we will review the main characteristics of the baby "Bebinos": composition, action, standard dosage and dosage regimens, talk about how to breed and take baby, and how often babies can be given to newborns and children.

Bébinos: composition and action

Bean is a complex product, which includes plant components of active action (extracts of fennel, chamomile and coriander). After its application, digestion is improved, spasms decrease. In addition, the product has a pronounced carminative and anti-inflammatory effect.

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Extracts of fennel, coriander and chamomile have a beneficial effect on the digestive system: fennel relieves spasms, chamomile eliminates inflammation and soothes, and coriander restores normal bowel function. Despite the fact that the composition of the drug includes a small amount of alcohol, the drug is prescribed even to very young children.

How to give babies to newborns?

Regardless of the purpose of the baby's use (from colic or digestive disorders), before giving it to children, the drug should be diluted in water (the smaller the age of the child, the less the concentration of the drug should be).

Dosage and administration

Children up to a year are prescribed 3-6 drops three times a day. For children older than a year, the dose is increased to 6-10 drops, the number of techniques is preserved.

For patients older than 6 years, the dose is 10-15 drops (also three times a day).

Given that the baby is made up of natural ingredients, a small deposit is allowed. Therefore, before use, the vial with the drug should be shaken. To measure the number of drops, turn the bottle with the drug vertically, upside down.

Allergies to baby boobs are rare, but still the possibility of developing a negative reaction to the drug can not be ruled out. Carefully observe the baby after taking baby. If you notice any of the manifestations of allergies - rash, red spots, itching of the skin, difficulty breathing, swelling - immediately consult a doctor. Note that the composition of drops, in addition to extracts of plants and alcohol, is sorbitol. Of course, patients with intolerance to any of the components of the baby and people who are allergic to fructose can not take this medicine.

The effectiveness of the drug has been repeatedly confirmed by clinical studies. But, despite this, there is no absolute guarantee that the remedy will suit your child. The opinions of parents about the baby are different: some claim that this is the best of all possible means, while others say it is very negative. Obviously, the therapeutic effect of baby, like any other medical product, depends on the individual characteristics of the patient's body. In addition, there is a category of parents who are afraid to use baby baby for newborns because of alcohol contained in the drug. Pediatricians also argue that the amount of ethanol in the product is minimal, and when used in diluted water, it can not harm the baby. For those who, despite the doctors' assurances, are afraid to give the baby to their children, you can try to replace it with a mixture of fennel, coriander and chamomile decoctions in equal proportions. In any case, before taking decision on any replacement of the medication, consult with the pediatrician.

Despite the fact that the composition of baby only includes "harmless", natural plant components, it is not necessary to prescribe and take the drug yourself. Before starting treatment, be sure to consult a doctor.

Bebinos should be stored in a dry dark place, with a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C. The shelf life of the product is 42 months in closed form, and after the opening of the package - 12 months.

Strictly observe the conditions and the shelf life of the drug.