Antipyretic for lactation

No matter how much the nursing mother tries to protect herself from illnesses, they can overtake her and bring a lot of inconvenience. I am glad that modern medicine does not consider the temperature increase and the subsequent treatment of a nursing woman as an excuse to complete cessation of lactation. Although not so long ago, that's exactly what happened. The child was isolated from the ill mother, she was intensively treated, and the child was transferred to artificial feeding.

Today, doctors adhere to a different approach to the treatment of fever in nursing. So, if you have a sharp temperature, do not panic. Understand the reasons: it can be one of the symptoms of ARI, lactostasis, mastitis, poisoning or any inflammatory process in the body.

Be sure to ask your doctor for help. He will help with the diagnosis and will prescribe an adequate treatment taking into account that you are a nursing mother. Take febrifugal when breastfeeding should be only when the body temperature is above 38.5 degrees Celsius.

What antipyretic drugs for lactation are allowed?

The safest antipyretic agents for lactation are Paracetamol and Nurofen. They carry a minimum of side effects and are relatively safe for the baby.

Another antipyretic for nursing are candles Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. Although they are less effective than tablets, but the substances contained in them, definitely do not fall into the milk.

Among the natural antipyretic for nursing mothers are excellent help warm herbal teas, fruit drinks, broths of herbs. It is not necessary, however, to get involved in drinking, if you have a fever caused by lactostasis - stagnant milk. In this case, the best medicine is the frequent application of the baby to the breast.

If you are prescribed antibiotics that are not compatible with breastfeeding, you can try to fight for lactation. For this, it is necessary to feed the baby before taking the antibiotic, and then - wait a few hours and drain the milk from both breasts. Give this milk to the child in no case it is impossible, it needs to be poured, and after another hour you can put the baby to the chest. That the child does not suffer from hunger, feed it in advance expressed milk (before taking an antibiotic).

If the reception of the antibiotic is not limited to one time, you need to take care of the stock of expressed milk in advance or transfer the baby for a while to the mixture. In this case, you need to express your breasts regularly so that lactation is preserved. Feed the child from a spoon or through a syringe without a needle, because after a bottle, he can give up breast.