6th week of pregnancy - signs of rapid development of the fetus and sensation of the mother

The early stages of the gestation process are characterized by the rapid development of the embryo. Every day in a small organism, new structures, organs or whole systems are formed. The 6th week of pregnancy, on which the embryo develops the rudiments of limbs, is not an exception.

6th week of pregnancy - signs

Signs of pregnancy at 6 weeks are so clear that a pregnant woman does not doubt already in her position. Several pregnancy tests have shown positive results. Simultaneously, the woman notices the appearance of other signs, indirectly indicating the onset of gestation. Almost all note increased sensitivity to smells, increased salivation, constant irritability, weakness and fatigue.

Thoracic glands are rough, they become swollen. Some women notice slight tingling, darkening of the sucking area. Even a slight sudden touch to the chest can provoke painful sensations that quickly pass. Many pregnant women may already experience toxemia: nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness often disturb the pregnant woman, especially in the morning hours.

6 weeks of pregnancy - this is what month?

To determine the exact period of gestation, pregnant women turn to the doctor. The gynecologist calculates, based on the date of the first day of the last menstruation. The result obtained as a result of such calculations is called obstetric. It differs from embryonic in large way for about 14 days. To determine the duration of the embryonic period, it is necessary to know exactly the date of conception, which for many women is difficult to name.

It should be noted that physicians always lead a pregnancy, indicating its duration in weeks. This information they inform future mothers at the reception. However, women themselves often want to translate them into months. In this case, there are difficulties. In practice, the calculation is simple, but it is necessary to know several features. Actor's month is always 4 weeks, regardless of the number of days in the calendar. Proceeding from this, it turns out: 6 weeks of pregnancy - 1 month and 2 weeks. The second month of pregnancy reaches its midpoint.

6 weeks of pregnancy - what happens to the baby?

The fetus undergoes many changes at the 6th week of pregnancy. During this period, bumps are formed at the site of future arms and legs, the head end of the trunk is fully formed. The formation of a cartilaginous tissue begins, from which later, by differentiation, bones, tendons and muscle tissue are formed. There is a formation of rudiments of the future digestive organs and secretions. The intestinal tube develops, the liver is laid, which at the early stages of development will perform the function of hematopoiesis.

The circulatory system is formed. The first blood vessels appear, which have a different size and caliber. The heart has already been formed, but so far it has only 2 chambers. There is a formation of the thymus - the thymus gland, which subsequently gives rise to the formation of the immune system of the future baby. There is a rudiment formation in the respiratory system, but throughout the pregnancy period the baby will receive oxygen from the mother with blood.

Fetal size at week 6 of pregnancy

At this time, the size of the embryo is very small. To establish it it is possible only by research of US which at this time is spent rarely. According to the observations of embryologists, in 6 weeks of pregnancy the size of the fetus is 4-9 mm. It is possible to examine individual elements of his body only with the help of a high-resolution ultrasound apparatus, which is equipped only with large medical centers.

The child at 6 weeks gestation has a mass within 1 g. It should be noted that the anthropometric parameters depend on several factors, so the height and weight of the baby in different women at the same time may differ. Among the factors that affect these rates of intrauterine development of the baby:

Pregnancy 6 weeks - development of the fetus

At the gestation period of 6 weeks, embryo development is accompanied by important processes. Immediately at this time, the neural tube is tightened, the active division of nerve cells takes place in parallel, the central nervous system of the future baby is born. Brain bubbles appear, which are the germ of the future right and left hemispheres of the brain.

There is a formation of nervous ganglia, which will transmit impulses from the brain and spinal cord throughout the body. At the head end of the body of the embryo there are crystalline placoids, which will subsequently give rise to the visual apparatus of the baby, I will be transformed into lenses. Next to them are the ear plaquoids, from which, as the embryo develops, the organs of hearing and balance will be formed.

What does the embryo look like at the 6th week of pregnancy?

The embryo at the 6th week of pregnancy changes externally. In the head part, in the area of ​​the future face, the mouth, nose, ear concha, and fossa are designated. The visual blisters gradually begin to approach each other, but are still located on both sides of the head. At close examination of the fetus, the beginnings of future jaws and mouth can be noticed. The auricles increase in size and acquire a more complex shape. On the extremities are formed feet of feet and hands, on which appear the rudiments of fingers.

6th week of pregnancy - what happens with mom?

Talking about a period like 6 weeks of pregnancy, what happens to the female body, in the first place, doctors are pushing hormonal reconstruction. Synthesized by fetal membranes hCG stimulates the yellow body, which can increase in size. As a result, the level of progesterone that is produced by this education also increases. Immediately, this hormone is responsible for the normal development of pregnancy.

Under the action of progesterone, the 6th week of pregnancy is accompanied by an external transformation of a woman. The thoracic gland increases in volume, and the areolar region becomes dark brown in color. An increase in the number of glandular ducts and their length leads to an increase in the female bust. In addition, under the influence of progesterone, there is a decrease in the tone of the muscles of the bladder and intestines, which causes frequent urination and constipation.

Pregnancy 6 weeks - sensation of a woman

At term pregnancy of 6 weeks, development of a fetus and sensation of the future mum are connected with the changed hormonal background. As a result of these changes, many pregnant women face fatigue, fatigue, irritability, frequent mood swings. There is a decrease in the tone of the blood vessels, which often causes dizziness, headaches, fainting. Complications of all this can be a toxicosis, which in most cases appears suddenly.

Belly at 6 weeks gestation

The fact that it is already the sixth week of pregnancy, people around the woman and do not know if she did not tell them about it. The uterus by this time increases slightly and completely is in the cavity of the small pelvis. Now in size it is comparable to the plum. The growth of the organ occurs in all directions, but to a greater extent it is expressed in the area of ​​the uterine fundus, where implantation takes place most often.

Externally slightly baked belly in the waist area can be seen only in lean women. However, even the absence of external changes does not allow a woman to doubt her position. With the growth of the genital organ, the abdomen will also increase. It should be noted that the volume of the uterus by the end of pregnancy increases almost 500 times compared with the original!

Allocations at week 6 of pregnancy

When there is a 6 week pregnancy, vaginal discharge normally does not change its volume and character. A woman observes clear, slightly whitish discharge in a small volume. Odor, foreign impurities are absent. Changes in color, nature, appearance of an unpleasant smell are considered by doctors as signs of disruption of the reproductive system, which require medical diagnostics.

The doctors are especially concerned about brown discharge at the 6th week of pregnancy. This symptom may indicate a complication of the gestation process, such as spontaneous abortion. In such cases, women notice painful, sensations in the lower abdomen, which first have a aching, pulling character. Over time, the pain intensifies, and the volume of secretions increases (in some cases, uterine bleeding is possible). When this symptom appears, a woman should immediately call a doctor.

Pain at the 6th week of pregnancy

Headaches, dizziness at the 6th week of pregnancy can be triggered by toxicosis. They have a short duration and self-stop. However, in a situation where there is a sixth week of pregnancy, pulls the lower abdomen, the woman should be alerted and inform the doctor, who leads the pregnancy. This symptom may indicate a threat of termination of pregnancy. If the pains acquire a cramped, pronounced character, eventually intensify, accompanied by blood from the vagina - urgently consult a doctor.

What does ultrasound show at 6 weeks of pregnancy?

Ultrasound is rarely performed at week 6. In most cases, there are special indications for this (the risk of abortion , the likelihood of developing malformations). During the procedure, the doctor determines the fetus (number of embryos), assesses the performance of his cardiovascular system (registers the number of heartbeats, at a rate of 140-160 beats per minute). At the same time exclude the possibility of pathologies.

Dangers of 6 weeks gestation

Term 6 weeks of pregnancy is the early stage of the gestational process. The probability of complications and pathologies at this time is high. Among the possible dangers of this period: