Watery discharge during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the nature of vaginal discharge strongly changes. This fact can bother future mothers. Women report abundant watery discharge during pregnancy, often this can be the norm, but always. Therefore it is useful to get acquainted with the information on this issue in order to know the nature of this phenomenon.

Causes of watery discharge

In the body of the future mother there are many changes. An important role in this is played by the hormonal background. It is from him, in the first place, the discharge from the vagina depends.

At the beginning of gestation, the level of progesterone rises. This provides the necessary conditions for maintaining the life of the fetus. Under the influence of progesterone, the discharge acquires a mucous consistency. They become thick and viscous. Therefore, watery discharge during pregnancy in the early stages are rare.

Approximately by week 12, the production of estrogen is increasing - this is necessary to prepare for childbirth. In addition, the hormone contributes to a number of processes in the body crumbs. At this time, the cervical mucus is diluted. Usually, during pregnancy, women notice watery discharge in the second trimester. This is the norm, it occurs in most expectant mothers, but it causes certain inconveniences. This feature does not require treatment, however, it is important to carefully monitor hygiene.

Here are the main recommendations to be observed:

But it is important to understand that the discharge should not have a smell, color, impurities of blood. If they cause itching, then it's worth visiting a doctor.

For the same reason, clear watery discharge may appear during pregnancy in the third trimester. But at this time there is a risk of leakage of amniotic fluid, so it is important to exclude this violation. In pharmacies there are special tests that will help determine the leakage of water. But it's better to go to a gynecologist for an accurate diagnosis. Amniotic fluid during pregnancy looks like yellow watery discharge during pregnancy with a sweetish smell. Such symptoms should necessarily become a signal for an urgent visit to the doctor.

Pathological selection

Unfortunately, future mothers can also be exposed to various diseases. After all, during this period, the microflora of the vagina is most sensitive to various microbes.

Genital herpes is manifested by lean fluid secretions. Also on the genitals appear bubbles. They eventually burst. The process can be accompanied by pain in the back, abdomen.

For bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy, white watery discharge with an unpleasant odor is characteristic. Later they become thick, foamy, change color to greenish. It is accompanied by itching. Also, women complain of pain when urinating, fever. These diseases require treatment under the supervision of a specialist.

Future moms should remember which signs should alert them:

The future Mom should seek advice on any matter that worries her. A qualified doctor will sympathize with such anxiety and give the necessary recommendations. The doctor will be able to identify the diseases and prescribe the treatment at the time to protect the baby from the negative impact of the disorder.