Fluconazole in pregnancy

The immune system of expectant mothers is temporarily weakened so that the body does not reject the fruit. But such a reaction can provoke the development of fungal diseases, for example, thrush. Therefore, for a number of women, the question becomes urgent whether Flucanazole can be used during pregnancy. This is a drug that has proved itself well, but it is known that not all medications can be taken during gestation because of their influence on the developing baby. Therefore it is necessary to understand, how much this medicine is safe and whether it is worth using it in this period.

Features of the drug

Manufacturers offer funds in the form of capsules (50-200 mg), syrup, and there is also a solution for intravenous injections. The choice of the dose and the duration of the course should be done by the doctor depending on the characteristics of the disease. The medicine has a long half-life, which explains why it is usually prescribed once a day.

The drug is effective in a number of fungal infections. He is prescribed even with such serious diseases as meningitis, as well as sepsis. In malignant tumors, AIDS, the drug is prescribed for prevention.

Allergy may occur on the preparation, sometimes digestion disorders are noted during admission. In case of an overdose, hallucinations can occur, and behavioral disorders are also noted.

Can I take Fluconazole during pregnancy?

It is important that the drug penetrates the systemic circulation and overcomes the placental barrier. As a result, the agent is able to influence the fetus. Therefore, the instructions to Flukonazol indicated that during pregnancy it can not be used. Also, it is contraindicated in taking it with lactation. The remedy is able to penetrate the milk and damage the crumb.

Sometimes on the forums you can find information that the drug was prescribed during gestation and it did not cause any dangerous phenomena. But future mothers should not trust such opinions, it is better to listen to the treating doctor.

It is known that many drugs can harm a developing fetus. Therefore, they are contraindicated in early pregnancy, for example, Flukanazolum when taken in 1 trimester can provoke various anomalies. The drug can lead to fetal death, miscarriage.

The medication inhibits the natural processes of development of the muscular corset, organs, skeleton of crumbs. Therefore, Fluconazole can not be used during pregnancy in the 2nd trimester, because as a result the child has the opportunity to receive serious deviations of a different kind. In some cases, if the therapy is necessary, the doctor will be able to select for the future mummy other drugs that do not carry such risks. But there are situations when Flukanazol during pregnancy in the 1,2,3 trimester can still be appointed:

Only the doctor must make this decision, weighing all the risks. Some experts believe that it is possible to avoid negative influences. They argue that the risk of side effects appears if a woman begins to take uncontrolled medication, and the dose will exceed 400 mg. There is an opinion that a reasonably selected course of the drug can reduce the likelihood of developing abnormalities. Therefore, you should listen to the doctor and do not try to treat yourself. Only a specialist can objectively assess the need for such appointments, based on the severity of the disease, the course of pregnancy and other factors.