25 best optical illusions, from which it is impossible to look away

It is not necessary to go to a museum, art gallery or mirror hall to see optical illusions. They can surround us in our daily life.

Just look around and you will understand what we mean. In our selection you will see people who could catch interesting moments, creating an optical illusion. We recommend you look very closely at these photos to understand what is painted on them.

1. View of the backyard in the morning.

2. A powerful rock concert, right? But no. This is an ordinary cotton field.

3. Do you think that two pigeons sit on the roof and are looking for what kind of car to shit? Well no. They are engaged in this on the ground.

4. In the morning there were two dogs, at lunch she was alone.

5. Slowly melting snow on the porch resembles a tornado.

6. Poor dog. And how she tolerates it! But no, wait ...

7. Espresso with martini or bar stools?

8. The Hawaiian sun is burning mercilessly.

9. Still not clear. Buns are sold in a cafe or in the trunk of a car?

10. Photos from the tent. And it seems that the photoshop.

11. It looks like not the best wedding photo.

12. Here, it turns out, where broccoli grows!

13. "I can not understand who takes pictures of anyone. I'm a monkey or a monkey me !? "

14. Reflection of the lamp on the glasses.

15. No, the leaves do not burn. The sunlight just falls on them.

16. "I found this bicycle and I can not understand: is it broken or not?"

17. Very funny, tiny creatures.

18. Reflecting the chandelier in the window can be extremely interesting.

19. Sunset in the window looks demonic.

20. When it's time to get home from work.

21. My avatar will be unrealistically cool. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

22. Sometimes in some things it is better not to understand.

23. Fata Morgana is a rare, but the best optical mirage in nature. The myth of the Flying Dutchman is based on it.

24. "Where is my hat? Ah, there she is. Oh, Barsik, forgive me! ".

25. "I really love my sister, but sometimes she looks like a centaur."

Sometimes what we see does not really correspond to reality. And so much. So do not be deceived. Perhaps, you do not see much or you see in a distorted light. Be careful.