43 stunningly beautiful photos with long exposure, which excite the mind!

Usually, when you view photos, you will see a specific moment in time. But the pictures, which will be discussed in this post, are special.

The art of photography is valuable in that a snapshot captures a moment that will never happen again. But technology does not stand still and photographers have new opportunities. Such as, for example, a long exposure! Thanks to this effect, you can create pictures that do not show a specific moment, but a small story! Such pictures are simply amazing with their beauty and unusual!

1. A tram from the stop.

2. Milky Way - a clear example of fractal geometry.

3. Take-off plane.

4. A traffic light in a deserted street.

5. Fireflies in one of the forests of Japan.

6. Movements of canoeists.

7. Ferris wheel. A fascinating sight ...

8. Christmas tree. The holiday comes to us!

9. Fireworks when shooting at a long exposure look magical.

10. Bugs in the rays of a street lamp.

11. A random photo of a pumpkin on a long exposure, and even with a misted lens of the camera.

12. Landing of the helicopter.

13. A train rushing through the Rocky Mountains of Canada.

14. The dynamics of attractions.

15. Carousel, merry-go-round is a joy for us!

16. This effect from the photo can be achieved by attaching a flashing light to a robotic vacuum cleaner.

17. Fireflies in the bank + 3-minute exposure = a wonderful frame!

18. You hardly ever saw such a keyboard.

19. The originality of this image is in the LEDs attached to the snowboard.

20. Long exposure in the subway, and what the result ..!

21. The beacon played with new colors.

22. Another shot of the fireworks.

23. A cloud of moths on a warm summer evening.

24. Frame of the building, no photoshop.

25. Lava lamp - looks like a galaxy in a bank.

26. The procession at the Salisbury Cathedral.

27. A fascinating road in the mountains.

28. The escalator. At first glance, nothing special, but if you look closely ...

29. The movement of aircraft over San Francisco.

30. Ordinary neon sticks on the hands and feet of a climber and voila: a beautiful frame!

31. An incredible snapshot of Earth from the module of the International Space Station, made by NASA astronaut.

32. The truck passing by the camera left this trace:

33. The launch of the Delta-4 rocket left a trace in the history in this picture.

34. A moving train.

35. A picture of glow sticks in a waterfall with a long exposure.

36. A good hundred skiers with flashlights in their hands.

37. So, in motion, the illuminated golf ball looks like.

38. Christmas rope. It happens.

39. A photo with a 4-second exposure of the front wheel of a bicycle and reflectors on it.

40. Tea ceremonies are not always quiet and lit by candlelight.

41. Launch of the Union on the ISS.

42. Color marathon.

43. Testing the missile "Peacemaker".