Retro style in clothes

In the fashion world, one of the most important rules is: "The new is a well-forgotten old". The latest fashion trends often offer dresses in the style of the 20's, trousers - in the style of the 60's and accessories - in the style of the 70's. Women's retro clothes are always actual, stylish and one more reason to emphasize their individuality. Today, many parties are held in retro style, which obliges you to go through the dress code for appropriate clothes. And many young couples specifically choose retro-style clothes for their wedding.

Women's clothing in retro style

Retro style in the clothes of a woman is, first of all, one of three directions: the style of new bow , charleston and pea print.

Clothing in retro style new bow - a response of the 40-50-ies. Elegant dresses from Dior, emphasizing the waist, flying skirt in pastel colors and a snow-white collar will help to embody in the image the mental accent of the refined style.

The direction of Charleston originates in the 1920s. For this style is characterized by a strict straight top and a multilayered skirt with a low waist. Features of a well-built figure can not be emphasized by such outfits. However, emphasis on the legs in this case will be the best.

The print in peas always made its owner cute, funny and laid-back. You can say that this color was always in fashion. But if we are talking about women's retro clothes, the most successful version of the pea print will be in black or several colors on a white background. The style of clothes can be quite festive and representative - a corset, voluminous skirts on the frame and similar models.

The popularity of retro style in clothes is growing every year. Retro models are becoming more relevant. The interest of women of fashion does not go to this direction in clothes for decades. And today women's clothing in retro style can already be called classics.