With what to wear a coral dress?

Coral dress is universal. It does not need expensive ornaments. Depending on accessories, shoes and make-up, you can look at ease in summer or vice versa, incredibly solemn.

Why wear a coral dress?

Coral dress in the floor, just like a mini or midi dress of this color, can rightfully be considered a classic. White looks very fashionable with shades of coral. Focus on the strap, bag or sandals. On a cool day, you can throw on your shoulders a white jacket.

Having a long coral dress with different folds and draperies, adding a few elegant elements, you can easily go to some celebration. Bright shoes and an interesting clutch - the attention of the male audience is ensured.

Shoes in pair with a coral dress play an important role in the integrity of the whole image. If you do not want to look light-headed, and be elegant, then beige shoes to a coral dress is what you need. To further transform, it is worth diluting the image with large ornaments.

With what to combine a coral dress?

Expressive image will add turquoise. It will dilute the redness, and at the same time it will be advantageous to stand out against the background of the dress. Fans of brownish-gray shades, do not get upset. Combine the coral with walnut, mustard, brown. The jacket of such a color scheme will make the bow more strict. If there is a denim jacket, then a short or long coral dress is just the right occasion to put it on.

Light-pink coral looks profitable with honey, sand, pink, gray-pink shades. The orange coral is suitable for green and yellow, purple, golden and even silver elements. Successful accessories for the terracotta-coral dress will be gold, silver, diamonds. As for the mix with other shades, it is scarlet, pale yellow, sky blue, brown.

With a bright pink coral it's worth to be very neat. The color itself is bright, so that the dress does not overshadow the personality, you can use rims, bandages or stylish sunglasses. Berlin azure, white, dark blue perfectly "play" with such a dress.

Dresses with lilac motives are suitable for girls with so-called cold appearance. Accessories for such a coral dress will be silver, topaz, amethyst, pearl and moonstone. In this case, the dress can be arranged with a closely-gray, muted yellow, burgundy, champagne. Raspberry motifs are well combined with the color of spring greens, white and sand.