Business style - the rules for creating the ideal office image

The lifestyle and work of the modern fashionista leaves an imprint on her entire image as a whole. So, the fair sex, most of their time spending in the office and working meetings, choose a business style in clothes, emphasizing their seriousness, importance and high qualification.

Business style clothing for women 2018

If a few years ago the business style of clothing for women was associated with something boring and inexpressive, today the situation has radically changed. Stylists and designers in each season develop a huge variety of interesting and original models of trousers and skirts, elegant dresses , feminine blouses and other wardrobe items, which can appear in the office and at a meeting with partners. Business style for the girl creates stylish and expressive images, but it does not distract attention from the working qualities of its owner, which is very important in the business environment.

In 2018, the business style of clothes for the fair sex is based on the following fashion trends and current trends:

Fashionable images in business style 2018

Actual fashion trends of 2018, business style, allow creating interesting and original images for work and official events. So, in the coming season, every girl can easily put on a trouser suit of unusual color, for example, fuchsia or indigo. These options look just amazing and emphasize the ability of its owner to taste the wardrobe.

Meanwhile, if the choice of the girl fell on a similar product, all the other components of her fashionable look'a should be as restrained and laconic. So, in this case, you should pick up classic shoes-boats of universal color shade on a heel height of 5-7 centimeters and a medium-sized bag made of genuine leather in the tone of shoes. Under the jacket it is recommended to wear a simple snow-white blouse that does not attract attention.

When choosing classic strict suits of black, gray or beige, you can diversify the image with a bright blouse or catchy accessories. The same goes for business dresses - they can be complemented with an exquisite neck scarf or attractive hair ornament. In addition, it is very interesting to look at the actual combination in this season, in which the color scale of the skirt and jacket is selected in such a way that a gradient effect is created, passing from light to dark.

Fashionable images in business style 2018

Female business style

This trend of fashion, as a business style, extends to several categories, including, and women's clothing. It implies 2 degrees of severity - for negotiation and speaking at official events, the strictest combinations of subjects are provided that do not allow absolutely nothing superfluous, and for ordinary work in the office - costumes and combinations to which less stringent requirements are imposed. In addition, the business style of 2018 for the woman introduced some additional elements that can dilute excessive severity and officiality, for example, capri.

In the wardrobe of each girl who prefers business style, the following subjects should be present:

Classic dresses - business style

These items of the wardrobe are subject to special requirements - business style dresses should vary around the knee, no more than 5-10 centimeters from it, their color shades should be restrained and muffled, the tail should not be overly tight or too loose. In addition, the business fashionable style does not accept deep cuts and an open decollete zone.

Business style suits

To work and visit official events, beautiful ladies can choose a suit, the upper part of which is a jacket, and the lower part is a skirt, trousers or a dress. In addition, modern stylists and designers offer to girls three- piece suits and fours, which include several wardrobe items made in one style.

Female pantsuit suit in the business style is the most severe option, which is mostly chosen by employees of tax, banking and insurance institutions. In most cases, it assumes a traditional cut of a jacket and trousers, an ideal evenness of lines and austerity of the silhouette. Meanwhile, modern variations of trousers can have a low landing and a narrow cut.

A suit with a skirt almost always involves a "pencil" style, and with a dress an elegant "case". In all cases, the components of the ensemble can have the same color shade, and different, and in the latter case the tone of the jacket should be lighter than the tone of the bottom. The color of women's suits in business style is chosen taking into account the season of the year according to the following principle:

Skirts - business style

The business style of clothing does not allow for an overly tight fit, so the skirt should not accentuate the attention of others on the seductive charms of its possessor. Not acceptable and the length of the mini-length business woman's skirt can fluctuate above or below the knee only on the palm of your hand. As for styles, preference should be given to skirts-tulip or pencil, and very young ladies can afford and flared products.

Pants in business style

The official and business style of clothes clearly regulates the choice of trousers for a beautiful lady. They should have a traditional landing, straight cut and a muted color shade. In the conventional business mode, some liberties are allowed - interesting colors, bottoms narrowed to the bottom, the presence of lanterns or patch pockets.

Female jacket in business style

The style of a business woman is not conceivable without a jacket, since this wardrobe subject in some organizations is mandatory even in hot weather. In the collections of modern brands, you can find various variations of this product, and the vast majority of them are suitable for supplementing the image of a business lady. Traditionally, a jacket can be standard or elongated. Shorter models are allowed only with the dress.

Blouses in business style

A few years ago, all business women wore exclusively white blouses of traditional cut. Modern business style allows other styles and variations, however, their list is very limited. Thus, products for the office and meetings with partners must meet the following requirements:

Business style for fat women

Ladies with appetizing forms will not face the problem of choosing wardrobe items for the office, because the business style of clothes for fat women is incredibly diverse. So, classic trousers with arrows and a strict skirt-pencil visually build a silhouette and make it much more attractive. Jackets in the presence of extra pounds should choose a standard length. In addition, a good service can serve Basque on a skirt or blouse and dress-penguin, made in black and white.

Women's Shoes in Business Style

As before, the business style of 2018 severely limits the choice of shoes for a business woman. In this fashionable direction only neat, closed shoes are allowed, and in the cold period of the year - boots or boots, but only outside the office. It is very desirable that the shoes were made of natural materials, had a calm color shade and a heel of medium height, about 5-7 centimeters. If desired, the heel can be replaced with a wedge or give preference to a flat sole , but not to miniature women of fashion.

Nails design - business style

Manicure, business style 2018, should remain calm, natural and laid-back. Not allowed bright colors of the coating, rhinestones and other shiny elements. Preference should be given to individual colors and classical techniques. So, the best choice for every day is a classic French jacket with a white smile line. In addition, business women should abandon and excessively long nails - they look vulgar and completely unacceptable in an office environment.

Hairstyles in business style

Beautiful hairstyles in business style 2018 should not create the effect of dishevelment and untidiness. Although a few sticking out strands can stick out of them, in general a long hair should be carefully combed and fixed with a comb or a hair clip . Owners of medium or short hair should prefer an elegant styling. If you follow a strict dress code, your loose curls are not allowed categorically, regardless of the situation.