Why does the cat trample on the stomach?

It is a strange habit of a cat to trample on the spot, which it does not only on the floor, but also on a man, and more often on the stomach of a representative of the weaker sex, many masters are incomprehensible. Some people become annoyed because of ignorance. But in vain.

Why do cats trample?

Usually, the shifting from foot to foot is like this: a fluffy lump jumps on your knees, tries to settle on the softest place of your body and with a tender expression begins to trample on the owner or mistress, as if the dough mixes. Sometimes a cat lets in and releases claws, but does not try to scratch.

Why does a person have an ambiguous reaction to the behavior of a cat, especially if he does not know the reason for such behavior, so because the puppy's face, and he's all, have such a concentrated look that it seems that the animal has something in mind. And at the same time, purring , relaxed and contented look indicates the opposite.

Do not drive a cat. Thus, she shows great love and trust to you personally. Remember, while still a suckling, the kitten also massaged her mother's abdomen as she drank milk from her breast. And now, giving you all the love and warmth, the cat is already trampling on your stomach.

What does it mean if a cat stumbles?

Do you think that such a clever and wayward animal as a cat will just show its attitude to you in this way? Of course not. Murlika marks everything that she thinks belongs only to her. He rubs his leg, writes out eight, pushes his head and nose - all this is accompanied by a mark you with the glands located at the tail, in the corners of the mouth.

In childhood, while the baby is drinking milk, he squirts his mother's pussy, pushing milk into his mouth. In this case, the kitten at a certain time already "fixes" with itself the mother's liked nipple. And How? Of course, shifting front paws, spreading and releasing kogotochki. Between the fingers of the boy are the glands, which mark the breast.

And why does your pet do this to you? If the cat is actively trampled by the front paws, believe me, she tells me that she is good with you, as with your beloved and dear mother. And of course, he certainly wants to make sure that now you belong to her. You need only one thing - the answer to affection. Become a true friend of your pet. He does not need material wealth - only your return love and care.