What should I do if my computer does not turn on?

No PC user is immune from the situation when the computer once shut down. This is very unpleasant, but the practice shows that you can still find a solution to the problem. Let's see what can prevent the PC from starting.

Sound indication

In some cases, the PC beeps, which should be able to decode. If the computer does not turn on and beeps with short beeps, let's count them:

The computer turns on once

Most often the cause of the worker, then the idle state of the computer is ordinary dust. It gets everywhere, in the smallest slits and can interfere with good contact, and in neglected cases, their burnout.

If the computer has worked for 2 years or more, it needs to be cleaned and it should be carried out with the goal of prevention at least once every six months. To do this, the system unit should be disconnected from the network, disconnect all cables, remembering that where it was connected.

After that, the block is put on its side, with the lid on, and it is removed with a vacuum cleaner with a slotted nozzle, brushes and wet rags begin to remove dust. In hard-to-reach places, sometimes it is necessary to remove the fan and other components, behind which are entire accumulations of dust. After wet cleaning, wait at least half an hour and reconnect the system unit.

The computer turns on and off after 2 seconds

In this case, the options are three - the motherboard failed, the coolers on it or the battery just sat down. If the first two reasons are serious and you need an expensive replacement, then the battery can be purchased at any computer service center.

Not everyone knows that inside the system unit there is a battery, and even more so for what it is intended. There is a small lithium battery on the motherboard and its service life is about five. It supports BIOS memory.

The new computer does not turn on

With computers that have worked for several years, anything can happen. Often the PC simply completes its resource, and is no longer subject to repair, but only disposal . But what to do if the new computer does not turn on is unclear. Carry it back to the store? Or immediately contact the service center?

If high-quality equipment was purchased, then most likely the case in the assembly or connection. When the user independently purchases a motherboard, video card, case and other spare parts, and then independently assembled them, such malfunctions are possible. It should be checked whether the contacts are properly aligned and fixed, whether the RAM slots (RAM) have been inserted well, and, no matter how trite, plugs in the connectors and the quality of the connection to the mains.

Most computers are connected to the network using a network filter on several outlets. One of them may not function, although outwardly it is not noticeable. You should change the network filter to another one.

But what should the user do if the computer turns off and does not turn on, and even after checking for possible deviations does not respond. Then exit two - reinstall Windows (because the reason may be in operating system failures) or take it to a service center in which experts will test all the nodes and identify the cause of the malfunction. As a rule, it takes no more than 5 working days.