Top 10 ideas for using citrus peels this winter

The winter months are the record holders for citrus eating. And this means that in your trash can daily mountains of precious natural material fly away, thanks to which you can raise the level of the holiday in the air to 99.9% (leave something and herringbone)!

Well, are you ready to learn a lot of ways to use orange and tangerine skins, thanks to which your house will be smart, fragrant to the whole district, and the mood to go off to the hottest "orange" mark?

1. Decorations for a Christmas tree

Let's see what kind of stencil-stencils for baking cookies you have nothing to do?

Are the asterisks and snowflakes found? Then rather pass the twine through the finished parts and do not forget to decorate them with flowers of a carnation!

Such decorations will dry very quickly, and how wonderful they will decorate the New Year tree!

And such decorations will look great with Christmas bells and stars made of beads in the style of "rustic". Do not know how to make them? And we have already prepared a useful video lesson for you!

2. The Garland

Stop - and here's the most creative garland for you! It is ideal not only for needles, but also make a cozy window or doorway in winter.

3. A fragrant candle from the peel

If eaten tangerines in December was enough to achieve the level of cleaning "jeweler", then it's time to take on more interesting tasks. Will you try to make such a natural candle?

Just take a look - this is the best solution for decorating the New Year's table!

4. Orange candied fruits in chocolate

Well, since we're talking about the festive table, will we make a "tasty" break? Moreover, he also can not do without citrus skins. And be sure, for a recipe of orange candied fruits in chocolate, you will have a queue of friends, girlfriends moms and even her mother-in-law's friends!

Already recording?

The recipe "Orange candied fruits in chocolate":

We cut orange skins on stripes, fill it with water and boil for about five minutes. We merge water and dry them. Then we prepare sugar syrup (in equal proportions sugar + water) and cook stripes already in syrup for about an hour. Well and further all is very simple: we give sweet skins to dry on a lattice or parchment paper, then we melt chocolate on a water bath and we dip in it a tip of each skin. Your candied fruits will be even more attractive if the second tip is sprinkled with sugar.

Bon Appetit!

5. Bird feeder

Well, while you are preparing the delicious, we know one excellent lesson for your baby - he can independently make a bird feeder. How do you like the idea?

6. Scent for home

It's time to take care of your own home. Moreover, on winter evenings you can revise all the most beloved romantic films and family comedies. And so that the light and unobtrusive aroma of the mandarin swirls in the air even longer, rather pull a few skins through the wire, and fasten the finished structure to the battery!

7. Seasoning for dishes, desserts and body scrub

Do you think that our fount of information has already dried up? And here we are - we found another way of useful processing of orange and tangerine pelts, which will turn you the best cook! To do this, you need to dry all the citrus waste, and then beat in a blender. Shredded skins will be remarkably preserved for a whole year and will become indispensable in the preparation of confectionery, cocktails and even meat. And yet - this is an excellent body scrub!

8. Christmas wreaths

Well, if you feel that the number of tangerines eaten has exceeded all the allowed norms, then you can "sacrifice" another thing and make a couple of wonderful New Year's gizmos!

Rather, cut the fruit into the same thin rings and put them in the oven to dry at a temperature of about 160 degrees. All is ready?

Then you have 3-4 hours to watch one more useful video, where you will learn a wreath of dried flowers and fruits with your own hands!

Well, we already armed ourselves with useful skills, which means it's time to make another wreath - from dried mandarins or decorate them with a wreath of cones!

And if you add a few cinnamon sticks and twigs of needles, your house will become the most elegant even on the whole street!

9. Garland from the whole peel

And how do you like this idea - to dry the whole skin of mandarins and make a window garland?

10. Gifts for friends

Well, everything, with our knowledge, it's time to use as intended - to save the family budget and give the best gifts to friends at the same time. You ask how? But look - such a fragrant candle with tangerines and cinnamon with your own hands will delight and warm their hearts until the very spring!