The nail on the big toe hurts

Pain syndrome approaches at the most inopportune moment. He can terribly exhaust, depriving the vital forces. And even if this is a minor pain, but only aching condition, such as when the nail on the big toe hurts, - this situation is unpleasant.

Why does the nail on the big toe hurt?

There are many reasons for this pathological phenomenon. But all of them can be conditionally divided into 2 groups: external and internal factors.

For the reasons for the external nature of the following factors can be attributed:

To internal provocateurs of a pain carry such factors:

If the cause of the pain of the nail plate are internal factors, it is not enough just to relieve the pain syndrome. It is necessary to eliminate the root cause, i.e. a disease that provokes this unpleasant condition. To pick up qualitative and safe treatment in this case can only the qualified doctor. Before prescribing the optimal treatment regimen, he will conduct a proper examination.

First Aid at home

There is no universal remedy for pain, because in each case it is provoked by various factors. To stop the pain syndrome, at home, you can make a soda or salt bath of increased strength and lower for 10 minutes into her fingers. The temperature of such a bath should not be less than 38 degrees.

If the corner of the nail on the big toe is aching and the pain is caused by a bruise, several drops of iodine must be immediately applied to the nail plate. After the achieved relief, the condition still needs to be addressed to the doctor.