Sweater with open shoulders - what are and with what to wear a sweater with a shoulder down?

A sweater with open shoulders looks very interesting and uncommon. He helps his owner to keep warm even in the coldest weather and, at the same time, to show the fragility, tenderness and grace of the silhouette. Such a thing is perfect for a romantic date, but it may be appropriate in other situations.

Fashionable sweater with open shoulders

The original sweater with bare shoulders looks good on a girl of any makeup, if she can boast a healthy and beautiful skin. This wardrobe item can have several varieties. So, the effect of open shoulders is provided with the help of a collar-plank, a high neck, cutouts on the shoulders or unusual incisions. All these details make a sweater with open shoulders deliberately careless and incredibly sexy , so it is popular with those girls and women who like to be in the spotlight.

Knitted sweater with open shoulders

A beautiful knitted sweater with downcast shoulders looks incredibly feminine and elegant. It can have a simple and laconic appearance if a method of dressing or hosiery was used for its creation, or it was bright and original if the needlewoman turned to longitudinal and transverse braids, strands and aranas, various interlacings or Jacquard motives.

Since such a thing in some cases can add the volume of the upper body, women with appetizing forms should be treated with particular caution. So, "pyshechkam" is not recommended to give preference to models with a cross-directed pattern, products of large mating and too light options.

Sweater for one shoulder

Principles of asymmetry that give an original appearance to women's clothes are used by stylists and designers for a long time. Over the past few seasons, wardrobe items with such a feature are at the top of popularity and are in great demand among girls and women. For example, young ladies often choose an asymmetrical sweater with a flat shoulder, which can make their image very interesting and unusual. This detail looks playful and coquettish, so it is best for a romantic date or a club party.

Large sweater with open shoulders

Volumetric things from thick yarn look very interesting and always become the main accent of the image. In such products it is almost impossible to freeze, so girls and women take them out of the closet with the onset of cold weather. If the similar thing additionally has an original cut, it will surely attract all the attention of others to its possessor and make it a queen.

A sweater of large mating on one shoulder or a similar model with a collar-bar reveals a woman's body, due to which it looks very tempting and sexy. Since this product has an unusual texture, it is recommended to combine it with smooth and extremely simple items of the wardrobe, for example, classic jeans or tight-fitting straight cut trousers.

Sweater with cut-outs on the shoulders and rhinestones

Incredibly beautiful sweater with cuts on the shoulders, decorated with rhinestones, looks simply luxurious. He barees the body only a little, while leaving the image modest and feminine. Such a thing in combination with a skirt and high-heeled shoes can be worn at a club party or even an informal evening event. It will be especially interesting if it has a high neck and intense dark color.

One-shoulder sweater dress

For casual socks and informal events, an exquisite dress-sweater with open shoulders, which creates a feminine and sophisticated look. In combination with elegant slippers-boats on a high thin hairpin or beautiful boots, it will make a stylish and fashionable look, in which no woman will go unnoticed.

To make such an image even more impressive and noticeable, a similar product can be worn not in a traditional way, but with the use of asymmetry, that is, on one shoulder. In this case, one small detail will make an indelible impression on others, even if the dress itself looks very simple and laconic.

Over-the-shoulder sweater with open shoulder

A voluminous oversize sweater with a flattened shoulder visually makes the upper part of the silhouette wider, so it is ideal for pear-shaped figures. Meanwhile, on fragile and lean girls, he also looks very good. Although this product looks as if its mistress was mistaken at 2-3 sizes, it is not shapeless and does not create the impression of heaviness, massiveness and untidiness.

Sweater under the throat with open shoulders

One of the most interesting and original varieties of similar items of the wardrobe is a sweater with open shoulders and a high neck. The bright and uncommon impression this garment produces is based on the noticeable contrast observed between the closed throat and the bare skin in the shoulder area. Thus, in one such product, coquetry and sex appeal are combined with modesty and restraint, which looks very unusual and catchy.

This model is presented in a variety of variations, each of which attracts attention and causes genuine admiration. So, it looks very nice white sweater with open shoulders and completely closed throat. This thing is perfectly combined with classic pants, any kind of jeans and skirts. In addition, it can safely add various accessories, for example, bright pendants and necklaces, shiny bracelets and so on.

Asymmetric sweater with open shoulders

Lovers of informal outfits will definitely like an asymmetrical sweater with holes on the shoulders, which can have a shortened front and elongated back, different in length of the sidewall or beveled bottom. This model is designed for everyday wear and perfectly matches with the objects of the wardrobe of unusual texture.

For example, an asymmetrical open-necked sweater is best combined with leather skirts and trousers, "ragged" jeans or micro shorts made of denim with fringe. To this gizmo you can pick up an interesting skirt of the original cut or a product with a catchy and noticeable print. Unusual accessories will also look great with such a bright and original blouse.

What to wear a sweater with open shoulders?

Although a sweater with seductive open shoulders attracts many women, not all women of fashion understand how to wear it correctly. This thing has a very original and bright appearance, so it always attracts attention and becomes the main accent of the fashionable look. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it can be combined only with monotonous and almost invisible objects of the wardrobe.

In fact, there are a lot of answers to the question of how to wear a sweater with open shoulders. This beautiful and unusual product is perfectly combined with various pants and jeans, skirts and shorts and even some kinds of dresses. Extended models of these things can be worn as a stand-alone product - complete with elegant heels and tight pantyhose, they can be an excellent alternative to the evening room.

A beautiful sweater with lowered shoulders in all cases emphasizes the femininity of its possessor, so it is mainly used for romantic dates and club parties. In order to look great on such events, and to defeat everyone around you, you can use one of the following fashionable images: