Signs of alcoholism in women

Female alcoholism is a terrible disease that leads to the destruction of inner peace and health. As a result, a person simply finds himself at the bottom, losing friends, working and other important components of a happy life. Cope with the problem can be, but only important to notice the first signs of alcoholism , to help a woman get out of a dangerous web. According to statistics every year this problem is getting younger, and women are getting used to alcohol much faster than men. There are several main reasons why a woman peeks into a bottle and most often it is associated with emotional shock, depression and frequent stress. In addition, all the blame may be social problems, as well as problems in the family.

Signs of alcoholism in women

"Love" for alcoholic beverages begins with domestic alcoholism, which is characterized by frequent use of alcoholic beverages, but there is no drug dependence. The main signs of domestic alcoholism, which distinguish him from chronic, are that a woman drinks at will and can control the dose. She is still able to give up alcohol. In addition, when drinking a lot of alcohol, symptoms of intoxication occur.

In general, there are two stages in the development of dependence, which differ not only in the severity of the problems, but also in the characteristic features. Mostly women try to hide their love of alcohol from others, so they prefer to drink alone. At this stage, there is a deceptive feeling that drunk alcohol brings peace. The first external signs of alcoholism in a woman can be successfully hidden with the help of cosmetics, but after a while the situation becomes worse, and a foundation does not help. There is swelling of the face, there are large bags under the eyes and red spots on the skin, as well as deteriorating the condition of the hair and nails. Still there is a trembling of hands. The woman stops watching herself, so she looks unwell. The psychological signs of female alcoholism in the early stages include the appearance of irritability, memory impairment and the desire to be alone with oneself. Her circle of interests is radically changing.

When the situation is aggravated, they say about the second or acute physical dependence, that is, when the body is already accustomed to alcohol. A woman in the mornings experiences various ailments, which you can temporarily get rid of by drinking a new dose. External signs of alcoholism, described above, are exacerbated, and the skin acquires a yellow shade, and signs of aging become more pronounced. The second stage of alcohol dependence seriously affects the internal organs and functions of the body. Since there is no control over the amount of alcohol consumed, there is always an intoxication of the body. The biggest blow falls on the liver and increases the risk of developing hepatitis and cirrhosis . Negative effects of alcohol on reproductive functions, the state of the cardiovascular system, as well as on the stomach and intestines.

Now about the psychological state of women, when alcoholism is in the second stage. The brain cells get a serious load, which causes necrosis. As a result, a woman suffers from hallucinations, paranoia, and dementia also occurs. More and more, there are failures in memory and all the values ​​inherent in a normal person are lost. There is an alcoholic degradation that destroys a woman's life, and she finds herself on the bottom.

The opinion that female alcoholism is incurable is a myth, and in order to save a person with alcohol dependence, it is necessary to find out the problem in time and contact a specialized institution.