School uniform with apron

Now there are many different versions of the school uniform. Fashion designers try to take into account a number of nuances to make clothes comfortable and beautiful. Good quality materials are used for tailoring. The models themselves differ in the variety of styles and colors. A popular option for girls are school uniforms, including dress and apron. This outfit is especially relevant on the last call. Currently, you can both buy such an ensemble, and sew to order. Because it is interesting to understand the issue in more detail and consider possible models.

How to choose a school uniform?

When choosing an outfit for a schoolgirl, one should remember about such moments:

The color scheme of the proposed outfits is quite wide. Many prefer the black color of the dress, you can also choose brown. The shape looks good in blue tones, some like green shades. If a girl wants to stand out, show her individuality, you should pay attention to the gray color. While school dresses in such tones are not found often, because the schoolgirl will have the opportunity to look original.

Picking up the school uniform, you need to remember that the apron does not fit well with the sarafans, so it's better to choose another dress style. It is also important to take into account that the optimal length for a student's attire is considered when the skirt of the skirt is 10-15 cm above the knee. The top of the mold may differ significantly, for example, to have a collar, a small neckline or to be buttoned. Such details will add individuality.

Schoolgirls should remember that the appearance of the form can be changed using a variety of collars and cuffs. These elements can be made of lace or crocheted - now such details are quite popular.

The length of the sleeves should be chosen based on the preferences and the time of the year in which the girl is going to wear the dress.

Types of school uniform with apron

The style of the dresses

Designers develop different models, which allows you to take into account the features of the figure and preferences of schoolgirls when choosing.

Dresses A-shaped silhouette are narrow in the chest, but expand to the bottom. Style perfectly hides the flaws of the figure and is suitable for most girls, because it is popular.

The school uniform with an apron, in which the dress has a narrowed skirt, will look good on slender girls. The main thing is that the bottom of the outfit is not tight, but the girl was comfortable walking.

Models of aprons

The choice of this detail of the ensemble is no less important than the dresses. Earlier the apron protected the form from contamination, but at the present time it performs exclusively decorative function. It consists of the lower and upper parts, straps, and also a belt that can be tied on the back in the form of a bow. The styles of aprons can also be different.

Models with a flat bottom fit any dress. If the edge is decorated with a frill, then the apron looks especially elegant.

Models with a rounded bottom are another option that should be considered. This style looks pretty and unusual.


For the manufacture of dresses, natural fabrics with a small content (no more than 30%) of polyester or elastane are used. Such additives allow you to keep the look of the outfit longer, simplify the care for it.

The choice of material for an apron is no less important than for a dress. Modern industry offers different options for this element of the wardrobe. Aprons from satin, guipure look smart and perfectly suited for solemn events.

Opaque fabrics make the outfit more reserved, strict, but no less elegant.

Lovers of all unusual can pay attention to the knitted apron for the school uniform. Such a product can be unique, if it is done by the master to order.

Among the huge variety of models of school uniforms, each girl will be able to find for herself exactly the option that will suit her.