Sauna in the house

When building a country house, future homeowners often provide for the possibility of equipping it with a Finnish sauna (sauna). Why not, if there is a large enough room, where the sauna will be equipped according to all the rules. Alternatively, you can consider placing a sauna in the basement of the house. It is saunas, because the use of dry steam in this type of steam rooms will not harm the structure by the influence of excessive moisture. But in any case, special attention should be given to the design of the interior of this particular room.

Design of a sauna in a private house

Since for the human body the effect of heat is a kind of stress, the interior design of the sauna, its design, should be aimed at relaxing the body in the shortest possible time. This is best promoted by a discreet interior with the use of natural finishing materials (as a rule, these are different types of wood, sometimes elements of natural stone or forged metal are used). As decorative elements use a variety of bath accessories - gangs, ladles, brooms. A bright accent can serve as bath towels - towels, sheets, bathrobes, neatly laid out on wooden shelves in the waiting room or rest room.

Another version of the sauna design in a private house, which is especially relevant for wooden houses, is the installation of a compact sauna-cabin or built-in sauna. Finished clapboard made of natural wood, it can fit perfectly into the interior of a wooden country house. You can place it in any convenient place - even in an attic or in a normal room, while observing certain installation and safe operation rules.

Sauna in the house - pros and cons

Having a sauna in your house, you can take a portion of relaxing and strengthening the body procedures. This is if we talk about the positive side of the sauna in the house. To the negative sides can be attributed only the high cost of this venture and the need for specific preparatory work before the arrangement of the sauna.