Removal of warts with liquid nitrogen

Warts cause a lot of inconvenience. They spoil the appearance and interfere with normal life. Removing warts with liquid nitrogen allows you to completely get rid of such tumors in just a few minutes. This is a safe procedure, during which the tissues are exposed to low temperature. The wart is then destroyed and dies.

When can warts be removed with nitrogen?

Urgent and necessary to remove the warts with liquid nitrogen on the foot, arm, face and other parts of the body is necessary if it becomes inflamed and bleeds. This procedure is also shown in cases when:

Contraindications to removal of warts with nitrogen

The procedure for removing warts with liquid nitrogen has contraindications. It should be abstained from:

Categorically, it is not possible to remove flat or bulky warts with liquid nitrogen in the presence of blood diseases (diabetes, hepatitis, HIV), since these ailments affect its coagulability . Because of this, a strong inflammation or severe suppuration may occur at the site of treatment.

How do you perform the removal procedure?

Before carrying out the procedure for removing warts with liquid nitrogen, it is necessary to undergo a series of tests. This will help prevent the occurrence of an allergic reaction. To remove the tumor it will take special equipment - a machine for cryogenic freezing and applicators. The treated area is cleaned with solutions that protect the skin from penetration of microbes. After this, a tool is applied to the built-up edge, which softens the upper part of the formation. This helps improve nitrogen permeation.

To perform the procedure, anesthesia is made and a applicator (a small wooden tube) is applied to the wart site. At its end is a reservoir with liquid nitrogen and after a slight depression, a cryogenic liquid begins to pour out, which freezes the neoplasm. During exposure, the bladder warts become white in color. Then a composition is applied to the treatment site, which completely eliminates the unpleasant sensations.

Over the next week, the blister that appears after removing the wart with liquid nitrogen changes color and shape. This is absolutely normal. The bright red color of the bubble indicates that the nitrogen passed into the deep layers of the epidermis and injured the blood vessels. The healing of the skin after this can last for two weeks.

After 10 days, the growth site becomes red, and the bladder disappears. On the skin may remain a small reddish trace. Over time, it completely disappears.

Effects of wart removal with nitrogen

As a rule, the procedure for removing the wart with liquid nitrogen does not cause serious complications and consequences. Almost all patients with the treatment of large areas of the skin can be strongly flaky. But, treating the skin with salicylic alcohol and moisturizing cream, you completely get rid of it for 7 days.

After the session for a week, you can not be in the open sun or apply any decorative cosmetics to the treatment site. Violation of these rules can provoke the appearance of complications, rehabilitation will be considerably delayed and the reddish trace will remain forever.