Purification of the intestines with folk remedies

With age, the human intestine begins to be clogged with toxins that have got into the body with polluted air, "rich" with preservatives, food, drugs, alcohol, tobacco smoke. If you do not take any action, "slagging" can lead to the formation of fecal stones and even malignant neoplasms. Today we learn how to purify the intestines at the home by conventional means of the people, and also discuss the pros and cons of these methods.

Enema for cleansing of the intestine

The traditional way to cleanse the intestines is to put an enema. It is more effective to use for this purpose not a syringe punch, but a so-called Esmarch mug - a container with a rubber tube and a tap (sold in pharmacies).

It is necessary:

The optimum water temperature for this procedure is 25-35 ° C. It takes 1-1.5 liters of water, which is effective to add glycerin or vegetable oil (2 tablespoons). The hose tip should be lubricated with petroleum jelly, a lubricant is also suitable for this purpose.

If there is no opportunity to buy a mug of Esmarch, an enema for cleansing the intestine can be made with a syringe with a hard tip. The procedure should be repeated within a week.

Contraindications: inflammation and erosion of the colon mucosa, acute peritonitis, acute appendicitis, rehabilitation period after surgery on the abdominal organs, hemorrhoids. When gastritis or peptic ulcer before cleaning the bowel enema, you need a doctor's advice.

Cleansing the bowels with activated charcoal

Activated charcoal cleans not only the digestive tract - it improves the blood formula. The rate is - 10-20 days, the procedure should not be abused.

You need to take the coal twice a day, calculating the number of tablets by dividing your weight by ten (70 kg = 7 tablets). After the course, it is desirable to drink drugs containing milk bacteria - minus coal in that, along with toxins, it "flushes out" and useful flora of the intestine. Purification of the intestine with activated charcoal can not be combined with treatment with other drugs.

Cleansing the intestines with herbs

Herbal decoctions are a very mild and perfectly harmless folk remedy for cleansing the intestines.

The most useful are broths:

Excellent displays slag infusion of hips - they should be steamed in a thermos.

Decoctions of herbs effectively replace caffeine-containing beverages, and tea for purifying the intestines of Puer and Oolong varieties has also proved to be effective.

Diet for cleansing the intestines

It is useful to arrange so-called "unloading days" when you can consume a lot of liquid (juices, mineral or filtered water) and only certain products. Effective for the cleansing of the intestines is a fruit diet, it is useful to eat a boiled, without spice rice, previously soaked in water for 5 days.

Raw vegetables, which are a cellar of cellulose, help to remove slags. Cleaning is carried out one day - you can eat only a salad of grated fresh vegetables (fill with vegetable oil, salt is acceptable). Especially useful cabbage (all kinds), carrots, beets.

Cleansing the intestines with kefir

The most "delicious" way of removing slags is kefir cleansing. For this, you need to stock up two liters of kefir of any fat content (yogurt is not recommended). During the day, you can not eat anything. As soon as hunger comes, you need to drink a glass of yogurt. Cleaning lasts one day, you need to spend it no more than once a month. Also, cleansing the bowels with kefir makes it possible to get rid of 1-2 kg of excess weight.

Other methods for removing slags

Effective cleansing of the intestine with castor oil - 1 kg of body weight will be needed for 1 kg of body weight, as well as fresh lemon juice (2 times more than castor oil). The oil, heated to a liquid consistency, should be washed down with juice. The procedure is carried out at night, as castor oil causes nausea.

Yogas often purify the intestines with salt. After drinking two glasses of salt water (to taste), you need to perform asanas for 10 minutes (or simply stretching, tilting to the sides). After going to the toilet, you need to drink salt water again - and so several times. After cleansing the intestines with salt, you must necessarily eat boiled vegetables or rice.