Pregnancy after taking birth control pills

Currently, a huge number of girls and women are protected from the onset of unwanted pregnancy with the help of birth control pills. Meanwhile, the majority of fine ladies who use this method of contraception do not rule out the possibility of acquiring offspring in the future.

That is why the question of when pregnancy occurs after taking birth control pills is extremely relevant. Many of the fair sex, using hormonal oral contraceptives, are beginning to worry about how this will affect later the opportunities for conceiving the baby, as well as his health.

In this article, we will tell you how much pregnancy occurs after the abolition of birth control pills, and how to plan it correctly.

Pregnancy planning after taking contraceptives

Until recently, planning for pregnancy after the abolition of birth control pills was very difficult. Practitioners recommended that married couples wait about 2-3 months, undergo the necessary examinations and only then start loving without protection. If the pregnancy came before the end of the period prescribed for the restoration of the body, it was not possible to keep it more often.

At present, the situation has radically changed. Modern oral contraceptives do not have a negative impact in the future on the period of waiting for the baby and the development of his internal organs. However, after their intake conception very often occurs much faster, because after forced rest the ovaries begin to ovulate more intensively.

As a rule, pregnancy after taking birth control pills, even long, comes immediately. Moreover, many doctors use the method of fertilization "on cancellation" to treat infertility. Meanwhile, in a number of cases, the female body takes some time to restore reproductive functions, and with increasing age, this period increases noticeably.

That is why in a situation where pregnancy does not occur in the first month after the abolition of the OC, it is recommended to observe the development of the situation during 2-3 menstrual cycles, then consult a doctor for a detailed examination. Perhaps, an obstacle to finding happiness in motherhood is serious diseases and various disorders that require immediate medical intervention.