Panther tattoo - value

Many girls decorate their body with tattoos. But not always these "drawings" are just a banal "way to stand out from the crowd", sometimes a tattoo can also change the life of a person, so it's very worthwhile to approach the choice of the image.

The meaning of the panther tattoo

This wild cat has always been considered a symbol of cunning, agility and even slightly aggressive, but still beautiful. The importance of a panther tattoo for a girl is obvious if a fair sex chooses him, then she wants to gain the glory of an intelligent, calculating woman who can achieve everything herself without seeking help or patronage from a man or influential relatives. The designation of the tattoo of the panther is known to us by the description of the totems of the tribes of Africa. There he is inflicted on the body by those women who want to have power on a par with men, wish not to have rivals. It is believed that a girl with such a pattern on her body can be a warrior or a hunter. Also it is endowed with "special abilities", that is, it can communicate with spirits, that's what the panther's tattoo means and what qualities the image gives to its possessor.

Experts consider color of a tattoo not less important. For example, a black panther tattoo for a girl symbolizes loneliness, but not forced, but quite conscious and even desirable, and the yellow image, on the contrary, indicates that its owner is a sociable person, eager to be in the company of friends and admirers. Also, it is necessary to look at the position in which a wild cat is depicted. If she is lazy and relaxed, then the figure will give the woman peace and confidence . In the case when the panther is depicted at the time of the attack, the girl can expect a good career, as well as the success of the opposite sex.