Monthly after abortion - answers to all questions

Monthly after abortion occurs after the restoration of the uterine endometrium. This process takes some time, and its speed depends on the way in which the abortion was carried out. Consider the restoration of the menstrual cycle after abortion in detail, determine the factors that affect this process.

When do menstrual periods begin after an abortion?

Women who have undergone the procedure for abortion are often interested in doctors about how many months after abortion begin. Doctors pay attention to what method was used in such an operation. Among relatively harmless for the body, gynecologists distinguish medical abortion - the fetal expulsion takes place by the body itself, strengthened by contractions of the uterus. From unpredictable and strongly traumatizing methods it is necessary to note surgical abortion (cleaning).

Monthly after medical abortion

With this method of abortion, the formed egg is not crushed - it gradually, independently exfoliates from the uterine wall. In view of such features, the woman notices the discharge almost immediately after the procedure, after a few days. They last no less than 3-4 days, have a scarlet shade. Gradually, their volume decreases, and they completely disappear.

Answering the question of the ladies about when the months after the abortion should start, the doctors sing out that they do not violate the cycle, - menstruation comes on time. In some cases, its absence can be recorded in the first cycle after the procedure. Most women who undergo abortion by taking medicines do not notice changes in cyclic secretion.

Monthly after vacuum abortion

Menstruation after vacuum abortion is often unpredictable. This is due to the method of carrying out such an abortion. In this case, one should not confuse abundant, spotting discharge after the procedure with menstrual ones - they are caused by interference in the reproductive system, tissue damage. Can last up to 10 days. If a woman marks them and after the specified time or the volume, consistency and color has increased - it is necessary to seek medical advice.

Monthly after abortion of this type can occur as a month, and after six months. This method affects the work of the sex glands. In this case, the gynecologists themselves say that there is a dependence of the rate of recovery of the cycle on whether the woman gave birth earlier or not. In those patients who had a pregnancy in the past, the monthly after a mini-abortion occurs in 3-4 months, in nulliparous women - after 6 months.

Monthly after surgical abortion

This type of abortion is dangerous for the reproductive system of all existing. They use it only on a long term, when the fetus is no longer small. Immediately after the procedure, a woman begins to notice bloody discharge, which can last up to 1 month. They have nothing to do with menstrual, have a high concentration, often accompanied by a slight soreness.

The first months after abortion are surgically fixed a few months after the manipulation. In this case, everything depends on the degree of trauma of the uterine endometrium and the underlying tissues. The gynecologists themselves talk about the possible absence of menstruation for 6 months. With a larger amenorrhea, consultation and a comprehensive examination are needed.

How many days go by after an abortion?

Answering the question of patients concerning how many months are after abortion, gynecologists indicate the dependence of their duration on the method of abortion. So, with medical abortion, the monthly ones come as expected, and their duration remains unchanged. If vacuum cleaning or surgical abortion has been carried out, often the duration of discharge is increased. Quite often, monthly after abortion in such cases contain small clots, impurities. This leaves particles of injured tissue.

What are the monthly ones after the abortion?

Often menstruation after abortion changes its character. Thus, patients can notice both elongation of excretions and shortening. At the same time, there is a change in the volume of menstrual blood. In the first days after the procedure, most women fix bloody discharge. The number of them depends directly on the method used to terminate the pregnancy. Normal is considered such a volume, where you have to change the hygienic pad every 2-3 hours.

A strong increase indicates complications. Among the most common:

Abundant months after abortion

Strong monthly after abortion fixes about 12% of patients who underwent this procedure. The reason is a sharp restructuring of the hormonal system. About the need for correction, gynecologists say when more than 80 ml of blood per cycle is released from the vagina. In this case, the woman has to change the gasket hourly. The appearance of pain in the secretions indicates inflammatory or infectious processes. In order to completely exclude them, you need to undergo a comprehensive examination:

With prolonged absence of treatment, the following diseases may develop:

Lean months after abortion

Minor menstruation after medical abortion is the norm. This phenomenon is associated with an increase in the blood concentrations of sex hormones, with the help of which the procedure was carried out. These substances provoke contractile movements of uterine myometrium. As a result, the fetal egg goes out through the vagina. Normalization of the level of sex hormones takes time and does not happen at the same time. The drugs used during the procedure of abortion affect ovulatory processes.

In addition, small monthly volumes after an abortion can be triggered by taking hormonal medications prescribed by doctors. Allocation is meager, sometimes a few drops of blood are present on the hygiene pad. To exclude the complications of the postoperative period, you need to undergo a medical consultation. We must not forget that a small amount of menstrual blood can also indicate a hematometer - the accumulation of blood in the uterine cavity, as a result of a violation of its outflow.

Brown monthly after abortion

The first menstruation after abortion can be accompanied by a change in the color of the discharge. In this case, their duration should not exceed 10 days. This phenomenon is caused by the fact that often the allocation is uninhabitable and until the moment when they come out, the blood has time to curdle and turn brown. Similar is observed after surgical termination of pregnancy. However, this phenomenon is not always a variant of the norm.

Brown discharge may indicate a violation. Among the common diseases with similar symptoms, gynecologists distinguish:

Why is there no monthly after abortion?

Often ladies complain to gynecologists that a month after the abortion there are no monthly ones. Doctors speak about the norm if menstrual flow is absent no more than 35 days after the manipulation. If the menstruation begins later than this time - you need to turn to the gynecologist. The delay of the months after the abortion can be caused by such phenomena as: