Miramistin - instructions for pregnancy for the throat

refers to antiseptic medicines that are effective against a large number of bacteria, fungi. That is why it is often prescribed for colds, inflammatory processes. Consider the drug in more detail and find out whether it is possible to use pregnant women to treat the throat Miramistin, in which case and how to use it correctly.

Is it possible to splatter Miramistin in the throat with pregnant women?

Due to the fact that the components of the drug act locally and do not penetrate the systemic circulation, the drug is used during gestation. Studies conducted by Western institutions have refuted the possibility of teratogenic effects on the fetus. As a result, the drug is often used in pregnancy.

However, gynecologists often, for purposes of safety, do not recommend the use of the drug on very short terms, up to 14 weeks of gestation.

How to properly rinse throat with miramistin during pregnancy?

It should be noted that the drug can be used not only in the treatment of diseases of the ENT organs, but also for the treatment of skin in pyoderma, fungal infections of the mucous membranes.

According to the instructions, Miramistin for gargling during pregnancy can be used up to 6 times a day. The course of treatment is 5-7 days. However, everything is individual. Therefore, a woman must adhere to medical appointments, strictly implement them.

What are the contraindications?

The main of the contraindications and, perhaps, the only one is the intolerance of the components of the drug, the development of allergies. In this case, the use of the drug is stopped.

It is worth noting that there are side effects when using the drug. These include burning in the throat, which itself passes through a short time.

Thus, as can be seen from the article, with pain in the throat during pregnancy Miramistin can be used in 1 trimester. However, it is very important to get medical advice on this account, do not use the drug yourself.