Mantras for all occasions

Mantras are reasoning, saying (Skt.), They are often compared with spells. They are the basis of transcendental meditation and possess divine power. Repetition of certain mantras awakens the hidden potential of a person, and promotes the expansion of his consciousness. The utterance of certain sounds and words in Sanskrit influences a person's consciousness, regardless of whether he understands the meaning of these mantras or not.

Mantras act soothingly and purifyingly, this leads to a sense of inner harmony and joy. This effect occurs on three levels:

For example, the protective mantras of Nrsimha affect all three levels: the first AUM-UGRAMS-VIRAM-MAHAVISHNUM-DZHALANTAM-VISHVATOMUKHAN-NRISIMHAM-BHISHANA-BHADDRAM-MRITIUMIRTIUM-NAMAMYAHAM-guarantees physical protection, the second, JAJA-JAJA-SRI-NRISIMHA, the psychic and the third - Hrim-Kshraum-Khrim - energetic. That is, this mantra for every day protects from any troubles and negative influences and helps to relieve tension.

Which mantra to choose?

There are many different mantras: individual, mantras associated with a certain good (prosperity, love, protection, health) and mantras for all occasions, that is, combining all these benefits.

The most universal and popular is the gayatri mantra, which reads as follows: OM BHUR BHUVAH SVAKH TAT SAVITUR VARYENJAM BHARGO DEVASYA DHIMAKHI DKHYIO YO NAH PRAKHODYAT.

She is the destroyer of all sins, according to the people who are keen on yoga, there is nothing on earth and in heaven that purifies more than this mantra. Gayatri sends down beauty, health, cleanses karma, gives life and magical power, heals psychological and physiological ailments, relieves of failures, bestows victory over all life's adversities and purifies the mind. The mantra is considered universal, since all divine powers are connected in it, and it is capable of bestowing upon a person all that he wishes.

In addition, mantras are divided into female, male and neutral. Female mantras are lunar, they end in "thham" or "matchmaker" and are called "saumya". Men's are solar mantras "saurya." They end in "mind" or "patch". They feed the vital energy of the representatives of both sexes, they give harmony and well-being.

Very popular is the mantra of Genesis - one of the most revered Deities of the Hindu pantheon. It is read as follows: OM GAM GANAPATE NAMAHA. A mantra is designed to attract good luck. It is believed that it helps only those whose thoughts are pure. It not only brings good luck, but also protects against various kinds of trouble. To read it, you do not need to take certain poses or perform any rituals. You can listen to it daily, doing your own business or scrolling in your mind, going about your business.

How to achieve the result?

Choosing mantras for all occasions, proceed from your needs. Do not use several mantras at once, stop at one and when you achieve the desired result, proceed to the next one. Read the mantras alone or with your like-minded people. Concentrate on the mantra and on the goal you set for yourself. Describe mentally your intention or aspiration. Close your eyes and get rid of all extraneous thoughts. Say the mantra you need and trust your senses. You will see a positive result when your consciousness clears.