Lutenitsa is a deliciously tasty sauce of Bulgarian cuisine. The main ingredient of this dish is sweet pepper, which gives the sauce a distinctive bright red color. In addition to pepper, it contains tomatoes, and can also be onions, carrots and spices. This sauce fits well with fried meat, potatoes or rice, and even it can be smeared just like a piece of rye bread, sprinkled with grated cheese and enjoy a stunning taste and aroma. Let's consider with you the classic recipe for lyutenitsa.

The recipe for the Bulgarian lyutenitsa



So, for cooking lyutenitsy in Bulgarian, first of all turn on the oven and heat it to 200 degrees. Bulgarian pepper carefully washing, dry with a towel, pierce in several places with a fork and put bake for 25 minutes in the oven. Then carefully remove, cool and gently clean the peppers from the skin and seeds. Then grind them with a blender. With tomatoes, too, peel: cut their cross - crisscross, put in a deep bowl and pour for a minute with steep boiling water. Then take out the noise and immerse it in cold water. We remove all seeds from the pepper and wash it. Tomatoes together with chili peppers are ground in a blender, poured into a saucepan and set to boil on a weak fire, stirring occasionally. After about 25 minutes, add the garlic, chopped pepper, salt, sugar and vegetable oil to the tomato puree. Prepare until the mass has acquired the consistency of ketchup. If you want to prepare a lute for future use, then we transfer it to clean cans and sterilize it within 20 minutes.

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