How to teach a child to pull himself up?

Each parents themselves choose at what age to accustom their child to physical education. Since the exercises on the bar practically do not have contraindications and any age restrictions, the question is how to teach the child to pull himself up on the crossbar.

Physical training

As soon as the kid (boy or girl) understands how to pull himself up on the bar, it can be taught quite quickly, if he has any physical preparation. But children have a rarity, which means that they will first have to deal with them with usual physical exercises, in order for muscles and joints to become stronger, and the handles acquire tenacity and endurance. For this perfectly suited:

  1. Push-ups from the floor or from the wall.
  2. Warm up your hands with a soft expander several times a day.
  3. All sorts of sports sections, wrestling, dancing, swimming will benefit all that turns a weak nesbvyshysha into a sturdy person.
  4. Do not forget about proper nutrition, balanced, including proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as a well-organized daily routine.

How to start classes?

The parents of a boy, especially a teenager, are interested in how to teach him to pull himself up on a horizontal bar, especially if he is among the laggards at school. After all, according to the program, the standards for tightening start to pass already from the fifth class.

To teach a child of any age to pull is quite realistic:

  1. Hanging on the bar (crossbar, Swedish wall ), you need to try to strain your forearms as much as possible, while trying to get closer to the goal.
  2. Parents are encouraged to support the child under one leg, locked in a lock or slightly pulling it by the leg upwards.
  3. You can not hold the child around the waist and, thus, "plant" it. The sense of such training will not be.

  4. Very good, if from childhood the child will have a horizontal bar on which he can train. It should not be under the ceiling, but at a comfortable height for the young athlete. The diameter of the tube should also be chosen based on age.

It is enough that he once did it correctly, that is, he reached over the crossbar with his chin. After that, gradually everything will go its own way and every day the child will be pulled up once more than yesterday.