How to survive the parting with your beloved?

It is proved that women parting with a lover is much more difficult, because they are by nature more sensitive and sentimental. How to survive the parting with your beloved man - there are no universal tips on this topic, but, perhaps, someone will help the recommendations of those who have already passed through this test.

Tips on how to survive the parting with your loved one

To part with a lover or, worse still, to be abandoned - for any woman it is a shock. The first reaction to a stressful situation is to hide, like a snail, into a "house" -configuration and start digging. And, probably, for a short period this is useful, but if the search for mistakes in oneself turns into self-flagellation, it is necessary to take urgent measures.

The first thing to do, no matter how painful, is to get rid of the "witnesses" of your love. Joint photos and cute gifts are unlikely to once again become a source of pleasant emotions, and even a future lover they hardly need before their eyes. So get rid of everything that reminds you of a lost love. Without pity - in the garbage, only soft toys can be given to someone kindergarten.

The next step is to fill the emptiness that has arisen with the departure of the beloved man. It all depends on the woman's imagination: you can go on a trip, sign up for fitness, start learning a foreign language. And do not forget to treat yourself to pleasant procedures - massage, baths, etc.

How to survive the pain of parting with a loved one?

Despite the external serenity, a woman after parting with her lover is very long in pain. Strong people do not show their feelings , however, one should not allow pain to be destroyed from within.

Art therapy methods are good in this case. The image of pain can be drawn or blinded, and then destroyed. Those who love to dance, you can try to portray your feelings in dance moves, and then - come up with a sequel that embodies the revival.

Another way to cope with the pain is to help those who are even worse. It can be orphans, guests of the nursing home, abandoned animals. Their sincere gratitude will become for the suffering soul a real healing balm.