How to speed up the metabolism?

Many people set themselves the task of speeding up the metabolism in the body. Most often, this is necessary when you need to lose weight, but it is sometimes required in certain diseases (for example, in violation of the functions of the thyroid gland). One way or another, the problem with slow metabolism needs to be approached in a comprehensive way, changing the way of life and getting rid of diseases, but there are also separate ways that help to change metabolism.

How can you speed up the metabolism with food?

The metabolism is directly related to nutrition and hormones. But if the latter we can not always adjust, then change the diet in our power.

Products that accelerate the metabolism:

  1. Condiments. It is known that dishes flavored with pepper, accelerate metabolism by 25%. This is due to capsaicin, which is contained in it in large quantities. This same substance prevents the occurrence of malignant formations, according to scientists from Nottingham University. Another seasoning, which speeds up the metabolism - cinnamon. Its effect on metabolism is estimated at 10%, so if you add pepper and cinnamon to any dish, it will promote metabolism. Ginger and curry are also useful for metabolism.
  2. Fruit. To speed up the metabolism, it is best to start breakfast with citrus: it will help the work of the intestines, and also equip the body with vitamins. Other fruits also have a beneficial effect on metabolism, but not as much as lemon, orange, mandarin or grapefruit.
  3. Dairy. Due to the high content of calcium, products such as kefir, cottage cheese, milk and sour cream accelerate metabolism.
  4. Cooked meat. Protein is an integral part of metabolism, so that, so that it is not disturbed, the diet should contain boiled beef or pork.
  5. Nuts. They contain a lot of polyunsaturated fats - irreplaceable links of metabolism. It is enough to eat 100 g of hazelnuts, almonds, cashews (to choose from) to speed up the metabolic processes.

A diet that accelerates the metabolism

The main rule of the diet for accelerating metabolism - is often, but in small quantities. The digestive tract should be constantly in work: so, after breakfast, after an hour you can eat an apple, and after two to eat nuts, after a while to take a slice of cheese, etc. This diet contributes to good absorption of food, as well as the acceleration of metabolism through the continuous operation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Drugs that accelerate metabolism

If the goal of accelerating the metabolism is weight loss, then use of medications is highly undesirable: the fact is that they affect the body, and, in fact, are effective, but at the same time have a lot of side effects.

Medications that accelerate the metabolism:

  1. Strumel T is a homeopathic drug that is prescribed to people with hypothyroidism.
  2. L-thyroxine is a hormonal drug that is prescribed to those who have low T4. The endocrine system is closely related to the pituitary and hypothalamus, which regulate the amount of thyroid hormones produced, which in turn affect the metabolism. If there are a lot of hormones, then the metabolism speeds up, so L-thyroxine will help to lose weight, but in addition can knock down the menstrual cycle (the ratio of estrogen and progesterone), and also teach the thyroid gland to inactivity (means that the drug will have to take more than one year).

Vitamins that accelerate metabolism

Such vitamins as: D, B6, and C accelerate metabolic processes, but their excess amount is also harmful to health. It is best to accelerate metabolism with products, because there are natural vitamins.

Additional funds that accelerate metabolism

Different drinks can also speed up the metabolic processes, so they can be included in your daily diet.

  1. Decoctions. There are herbs that accelerate the metabolism: chamomile, celery, dandelion, lemon balm, a turn - they can be consumed instead of tea or coffee.
  2. Coffee and tea. Natural coffee speeds up the metabolism, but not to cause a tachycardia, it is best to drink it no more than 1 cup a day. Also, the acceleration of metabolism affects green tea with jasmine - it has a weak diuretic effect and contains caffeine.
  3. Alcohol. The only alcoholic beverage that speeds up the metabolism is beer. However, it is made in yeast (not suitable for those who want to lose weight) and can cause addiction, so it should not be used for medical purposes: there are too many more useful ways around to speed up metabolism to resort to beer.