How to get rid of bad thoughts?

Surely, you noticed that the event, which you often and tastefully think, in the end happens. Apparently the thoughts are real, so you have to be extremely careful with them.

The human brain is strangely arranged - there would be no happy thoughts to remember! Where there, we are increasingly negative slopes in my head scrolling. Well, what if the bad thoughts go to the head, how to get rid of them? In fact, there are several ways to get distracted from bad thoughts, but whether you will manage alone or whether you will have to try them all depends on you.

How to cope with bad thoughts?

1. The most puzzling option is to say to yourself "this will never happen to me" and stop thinking about the bad. But this method is not suitable for everyone, because not everyone has enough willpower to renounce bad thoughts at one stroke.

2. If bad thoughts in your head nestle firmly, you can try to drive them out using the following technique:

3. The method of visualization in general is very effective, especially if you need to get rid of bad thoughts. It is recommended by psychologists, bioenergetics and psychics. Only psychologists recommend making your visualization also funny, since laughter is the best medicine for all sorts of fears. For example, try to imagine yourself in the form of a large glowing ball, and the bad thoughts are flying near you with small black dots. The more fun it will look, the better. Laughing at your fears, you will get rid of them.

4. You can also try to write or draw on paper, something that does not give you peace. After closing your eyes, play the whole situation, open your eyes, play it again, as if putting all the problems on a piece of paper. Imagine that your consciousness is completely free of these thoughts, they are all transferred to paper. And now the leaf needs to be burned or torn, saying - I will destroy all bad things, tear them, burn them.

How to get away from bad thoughts?

How to get rid of bad obsessions? Yes, just to get distracted from them when there is no time to think, then bad thoughts will stop clinging to your head. So what are we going to be to distract ourselves with?

  1. Do something interesting, requiring increased attention and concentration. Have you noticed that when you are completely absorbed in the business, do not you think strange thoughts enter your head? So it will be here, the main thing is to find a fascinating lesson.
  2. Hit the negative with a positive! Good always defeats evil, so it will be in our case. You need to remember that you are usually amused, brings in a good mood - a favorite book, a film, satirical miniatures. Remembered? Well, so forward, be charged with a positive, bad thoughts of such a number will certainly be frightened and leave your head.
  3. Learn to think positively. Overcome any bad thought with good. For example, "it started to rain, but I did not take an umbrella, I'll get wet and I'll catch a cold". Change it to "it started to rain, I do not have an umbrella, but by the end of the day the rain will end, it will be good to go home at night, breathing fragrant fresh air." Try to convey all your bad thoughts in this way, often say to yourself "only good things will happen to me" and "everything that happens to me, for the better."