How to choose the right snowboard?

Snowboarding is an extreme but very beautiful sport. Various equipment for skiing on snowy slopes requires a lot, but the most important acquisition, of course, is a snowboard. To properly choose a snowboard, you need to decide on the style and decide how you want to ride .

Which snowboard should I choose for a beginner?

In snowboarding there are three main styles of riding, under which beginners select their snowboards. Fans of various tricks and jumping and skating in a snowy ramp choose a freestyle style. For those who want to combine riding with a mountain with some extreme elements, a freeride style will do. Practicing high-speed descents with steep turns choose a style of freak.

For the first two styles of snowboarding, manufacturers make soft boards. In form, the freestyle board can be distinguished at equally rounded ends, while the freeride shell has different ends - one longer than the other. For the fans of the freak, more rigid, narrow and long snowboards are produced.

How to choose the size of a snowboard?

What size of snowboard to choose is a very common question for beginners of snowboarding. The answer to it also depends on the style of riding that you have chosen, and also on your dimensions - the larger the athlete, the longer the board should be. To choose the size of a snowboard, use the following algorithm:

The boards for the freak have their own growth, but when choosing it, one should keep in mind that the beginner should prefer a longer board, because It is more stable, and the advanced snowboarder - shorter, because it allows you to maneuver better.