How to become an investor from scratch?

The idea of ​​passive earnings differs incredible attractiveness , that's why sooner or later the thought "I want to become an investor" attends very many. But how can this be done if the size of the initial capital is rather modest? It turns out that there are ways to become an investor from scratch, as we will now understand.

How to become a private investor from scratch?

To begin with, it is worth determining what is meant by the question "how to become a successful investor from scratch." If it is a complete lack of funds, the mission is not feasible, the necessary minimum must be present. But if by zero is meant the experience of such actions and the most general knowledge of investing, then everything is quite real. The main thing is not to forget about creating a financial reserve and not to invest all funds in one idea.

In order to become an investor, you can use the following financial instruments:

The last two ways should be discussed in more detail, since they promise the fastest and most significant growth of capital.

How to become an investor in real estate?

First you need to decide what type of property you will be working with - commercial or residential. The first type is potentially more profitable, but requires a good knowledge of the real estate market, however, its absence can be compensated by contacting the investment company.

There are three most popular schemes for working with real estate.

  1. Acquisition for subsequent sale, income from the price difference.
  2. Purchase for rent.
  3. Purchase - pledge in the bank and leasing - purchase - pledge and letting.

This scheme is borrowed from the west and is quite suitable for obtaining income from several real estate objects in the absence of available funds for their purchase. True, in our latitudes to apply it will not be easy, in most cases it is available only to those who have good connections in banks to establish a comfortable rate on the loan.

How to become an investor in real estate you decide, but you need to weigh everything more than once, because in case of failure, the money will be lost considerable.

How to become an investor in Forex?

Operations on Forex have a high degree of risk, which is what ensures their high profitability. Becoming an investor is simple - it is enough to choose a broker (better than several), to register on the site and replenish the account. After that you can entrust your money to professionals or try yourself as a trader.