Electronic money - the most popular types of payment systems

Electronic money - the usual means for shopping, only calculated by them on the Internet. It resembles a bank card, many operations are carried out identically: payment of goods in any country, payment for services, and even exchange for real money in the desired currency. There are differences, which should be considered when creating a virtual wallet.

What is electronic money?

Many Internet users are already actively operating with virtual money, and specialists in electronic systems are trying their best to overtake competitors in providing services. Electronic money is a term that is used in several meanings:

  1. Systems of storage and transfer of national and private currencies.
  2. Monetary obligations of the responsible person, which are stored on electronic media.
  3. Instrument of payment.

Virtual wallets are indispensable for freelancers who earn on the Internet . These purses are engaged in EPS - electronic payment systems, performing the functions of virtual banks. They work a few, some even interact, giving users the ability to transfer amounts from one purse to another. They create plastic cards, they are accepted by terminals. Electronic money is fixed to banks, they help to cash out funds in real currency. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Through mobile.
  2. Through internet banking.

Electronic money - pros and cons

New electronic money has its advantages and disadvantages, so it has not yet received too wide a use. But given that their systems are constantly improving, it is possible that over time, popularity will increase. Cons of electronic money:

  1. Legal regulation . Virtual currency in many countries do not accept, make a major purchase on them will not work.
  2. Turnover . Not all use virtual currency, cashing it is more difficult.
  3. Dependence on technology . If you stay without light or the Internet - access to money will be closed.

Pros of electronic money:

  1. Speed . Payment is made instantly, you can transfer any amount to any country.
  2. Automation . All transfers are accounted for, the operations are carried out by the computer.
  3. Preservation . This money can not be spoiled or faked, they can not be lost or stolen. All operations are reliably protected by the system.
  4. Protection . Hacking electronic money or a purse is very difficult. To steal means can, if the user has used fraudulent schemes.

Advantages of electronic money

Although the payment scheme over the Internet has a similarity to non-cash settlement, virtual money is still closer to cash: their circulation is personified, the details of the parties are known. The properties of electronic money give them a number of advantages:

  1. Payment passes with perfect accuracy.
  2. Modest issue price: to create virtual money you do not need paper and paint.
  3. Money does not need to be recalculated manually, it makes a payment instrument.
  4. There is no need for protection when storing large sums.
  5. Payment fix systems.
  6. The amount in the wallet is stored for a very long time, you do not need to pay interest for the service.

Disadvantages of electronic money

The use of electronic money has its own inconvenience. One of the most tangible is complete dependence on the computer on which the launch files are installed. If the PC is out of order, you will not be able to enter your wallet. There are other disadvantages:

  1. Internet connection for operations. Not everyone and not always have the opportunity to go online, so in some cases, access to funds is limited.
  2. You can not directly transfer money from one payer to another.
  3. The means of cryptographic protection are not sufficiently run-in and checked, as will behave in the mass use of electronic money - is still unknown.

Electronic money - types

Types of electronic money include the RUpay system, Stormpay, Moneybookers, Liqpay, "One purse", "Money Mail", but they are rarely used. The main thing is to decide what is the purpose of the virtual wallet, so that there will not be any disappointments and overlaps. With the purchase and payment of goods online within Russia, all systems can handle, but with foreign payments, WebMoney is the best. Wallets are different:

  1. The method of replenishment: ATM, mobile, cards.
  2. Commission for the movement of funds.
  3. Monetary units.
  4. Level of security of user data and transfers.
  5. The popularity of the service.

Which electronic money is better? The most popular payment systems to date:

Electronic Money WebMoney

Electronic money systems have their own rules of use, which should be taken into account. One of the first appeared WebMoney Transfer, which retains leadership positions in the ranking. It is used by hundreds of thousands of Russian-speaking users, but not everyone knows that in some countries it is forbidden to pay such money. Other features:

  1. The system operates with four monetary units: the dollar, the hryvnia, the Belarusian and the Russian ruble.
  2. Any operations are carried out: from payment to acceptance.
  3. You can replenish the purse in the Savings Bank, through cards and exchange offices.
  4. To verify the identity, there is enough scanned passport.
  5. Good protection.
  6. The withdrawal of money is allowed only to the bank account, which is confirmed.
  7. The commissions do not take remittances within the state.

Electronic money Yandex

The second popular on the Internet system is Yandex-Money , it was launched 15 years ago specifically for Russians, so it is focused only on the domestic currency. You can not transfer money to another. How to use the electronic purse of Yandex-Money:

  1. Create a mailbox in Yandex, open the "Money" tab in it and click the "Open Wallet" button. Snap it to your cell phone number.
  2. The account is refilled through terminals, ATMs and bank branches, and funds are withdrawn - to the Yandex-Money card or a card from the proposed list of banks.
  3. Commission for many actions is not removed.
  4. Pay for goods or services buyers can easily on the site.

Electronic Money Kiwi

Electronic virtual kiwi money is more in the pipeline within the CIS, but online stores are reluctant to use this system. Many operations are carried out by terminals. In the positive is added:

  1. The purse is tied to the cell number.
  2. You can put money through a mobile phone, ATM and terminal.
  3. In the course of four currencies: rubles, dollars, euros and Kazakhstan tenge.
  4. Payment goes through a terminal or card.
  5. The commission is within 2% of all transactions.

Electronic money Paypal

By European standards, the best electronic money is PayPal from the world bargaining eBay, which are accepted in 203 states. Recently, the system added support for new currencies. Unlike other services, PayPal works with real money, the card or account is tied to the user's account. This system appeared in Russia in 2003, but the Russians were able to receive and withdraw funds only four years ago. Therefore among the compatriots PayPal is not particularly popular, customers offer freelancers such a purse is extremely rare.

From profitable sides PayPal experts name:

  1. Many kinds of operations.
  2. Work with money on the mobile version.
  3. Forwarding invoices for payment by post.
  4. Withdrawal every day.

Electronic money Easypay

Recently a new type of electronic money appeared - Easypay, it is a virtual monetary unit of Belarus, the calculation is in local rubles. It was created as an alternative to WebMoney. A reliable security system, there are no analogues - one-time control codes. There are other advantages:

  1. Translations are made via the Internet and a mobile phone.
  2. Add money to the account easily at the checkout or post office.
  3. Commission inside the country - 2%, for withdrawing money - 1.5%.

For some actions the fee is not removed:

Electronic money Bitcoin

New electronic money bitcoin is called an innovative breakthrough in business networks of the Internet, a kind of analogue of communism in the virtual. Authors attribute Satoshi Nikamoto, bitcoins are stored on special purses, you can replenish and withdraw money. Amazing cost growth and universal popularity, although this system does not have a master and even an administrator, it is impossible to influence translations from the outside. There is also no commission, only payment to the miners for the support of transactions.

Bitcoin is a special electronic money, they are characterized by:

  1. Independence . The system is completely independent.
  2. Limited availability of bitcoins.
  3. Complete anonymity . The owner's wallet numbers can not be calculated.
  4. Absence of intermediaries . For bank transfers, you do not need a bank, but the downside is that you will not be able to cancel the payment.
  5. Illegality . The governments of many countries call them illegal.
  6. Instability of the course.

How to earn electronic money?

How to earn electronic money on the Internet - this question is asked daily by thousands of online users. Find a lesson that will bring income in the network is quite real, but it's not very large sums. There is trade on the exchange, but for this you need to have knowledge and seed capital. There are niches with more modest profits than financial transactions.

If you throw away a lot of fraudulent schemes, then really earn income such types of earnings:

  1. Own sites.
  2. Postal services.
  3. Sale of texts.
  4. Referral networks in commercial projects.
  5. Partnership programs.
  6. Internet shops.
  7. Earnings in online games.
  8. Providing various services.