The most demanded professions of the future

Surely, every graduate of the school and university wants to know what professions will be in demand in 10 years. This knowledge will allow you to get a good specialty or to re-qualify, which, in turn, will ensure high income and stable work.

The situation in the labor market makes it clear that in many specialists who were in demand 5-10 years ago, modern companies no longer need. We are talking about economists, sociologists and lawyers. Many graduates of law schools can not get a job because of the lack of demand in the labor market. Of course, everyone wants to avoid this fate.

Experts-analysts of the labor market have compiled an approximate list of the most demanded professions of the future. According to forecasts, the situation on the labor market will change dramatically in the next few years. Some non-prestigious professions become the most popular professions already in 2014.

What professions will be in demand in the future?

  1. Engineers of chemical, petrochemical, oil industry. In the coming years, a sharp jump in the development of production is expected, in connection with which the demand for engineers will increase. To date, only a small number of school leavers prefer to enter these "non-prestigious" specialties because of the inability to get a job and low pay. However, the time of engineers will come in a few years. Even today the number of vacancies for technical specialists has increased several times.
  2. Specialists of information technologies. Due to the fact that 99% of modern enterprises do not do without computers, there is still a high demand for information technology specialists for many years to come. Programmers, system administrators, web designers and many other computer scientists are in demand in the future.
  3. Ecologists. This profession belongs to the demanded professions of the future because of the significant deterioration of the ecological situation practically in every corner of our planet. The greatest demand is expected for specialists whose activities will be associated with the elimination of waste and the prevention of various contaminants.
  4. Specialists of the entertainment, beauty and health industry. These industries, which today are mainly designed for young people, will eventually switch to people and old age. In this regard, in 5-10 years, there is an increase in demand for workers in tourism, beauty and medical institutions.
  5. Highly qualified builders and architects. Currently, there is a transformation of large and small cities. Construction is carried out everywhere and in the next 10-20 years of decline in this area is not expected. Therefore, construction specialists are also among the most demanded professions of the future.

Specialists of the labor market note that in the future professions concerning the agricultural sphere will not be in demand. To date, agriculture is in decline, and so far there is no reason to believe that it will soon begin to revive.

In the future, professions of public utilities - sanitary technicians, electricians - will remain in demand in the future. Also, there will not be a drop in demand for specialists in car operations. However, many of them will have to re-qualify for work with complex electronic devices.