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A job is a process that is always exciting and causes a lot of questions. Most of all we are interested in exactly where to find a job and how to do it quickly - after all, most often we think about a new job when we start experiencing a shortage of cash. These questions, the answers to which will help to facilitate this task, we will now discuss.

How to get a job right?

  1. When we ask ourselves how to get a job right, we are certainly interested in how to get a job at a high-paying position. But it is worth remembering that the pay is ready only for real knowledge and the desire to work. That is, if you have a higher education than the most prestigious university, you do not have any real work experience (in practice, the stars were not enough), then there is nothing to count on the prestigious position. In this case, it is better to think how to get a job successfully in terms of career growth. In large companies, where there is a habit of "educating" their own employees, and not taking strangers, you can start from the position of secretary. In this position, you can get an idea of ​​the work of all departments, establish bridges with managers and eventually move higher. Therefore, the main thing that needs to be learned by those who want to know how to get a job (new or first in their life) is the ability to adequately assess their own capabilities.
  2. Sometimes companies take mid-level managers without work experience, but this happens only if the applicant demonstrates his willingness to work and the development potential in this position. If you do not have, for example, no sales experience, no natural ability to sell, then the place of sales representative (sales manager) you do not shine.
  3. It is not necessary to send resumes to everyone in a row. To begin with, you need to decide what kind of work you would like to do, where you can try to "knock on" in this area and only after that make a resume and offer it for consideration. Yes, do not be surprised, to make a CV better for a specific company - each company has its own goals, its priorities. Therefore, in your resume, focus on what is useful for the firm that you are interested in. Just keep from too frank embellishment of your abilities and skills - an experienced recruiting manager will quickly bring you to clean water.
  4. The device for a permanent job is a necessary thing, but you do not need to be afraid of temporary employment and sub-work. Firstly, you have a chance to get new necessary skills, and secondly, money will not be superfluous either. And then, while you are working temporarily, no one will forbid you to seek a permanent place of work.
  5. Sent your resume and calmed down? Do not be shy after a while to call and clarify the results of consideration. Thus you will show your interest to the employer and exclude the possibility of losing your resume - as it happens, the volume of incoming mail is large, there may be malfunctions in work and loss of some data.
  6. In the device to work on social networks. If you are interested in a vacancy, but about the company you have not heard anything, try to collect information from former or valid employees. And where can I find them? Naturally in social networks.
  7. It is also important to ask where you can get a job: to look for suitable vacancies or to use the services of employment agencies? Choose you, but apply to recruitment agencies is better when you have work experience, when you feel yourself an expert in any field. The fact is that serious companies use the services of recruitment agencies when selecting qualified specialists, people usually do not have a retreat from work without experience, spending money on them is not why.
  8. How to get a good job? Show yourself at the interview - Required appearance and lack of timidity. To hire an accountant in jeans with holes on his knees and dreadlocks no one will. And shyness is inappropriate because it will not allow you to show yourself from the best side and bargain for yourself a good salary. Yes, it is to bargain - the goods are your skills, and you want to sell them at a bargain price, there's nothing to be ashamed of.
  9. When is it better to get a job? All personnel officers say that it is better to do this in autumn. On the one hand, in the autumn many people are looking for work, and on the other - during this period holidays are over, and you can quickly assign an interview with the head.