Hilak Forte with dysbiosis

Often after taking antibiotics and other means that kill the intestinal microflora, it is required to take funds to restore it. Of the existing drugs for today are known Hilak Forte, Lineks, Lactobacterin, Probiophore, Beefilong and others. One of the best means for treating dysbacteriosis is Hilak Forte, which has a mild and effective effect.

Instructions for use Hilak Forte to combat dysbiosis

The course of treatment of Hilak Forte depends on how much the microflora was affected. After its completion, the work of the intestine is completely normalized, the mucosa is restored in the areas of the thick and thin intestines, and the digestion process improves. Due to the correct following instructions on how to take Hilak Forte with dysbacteriosis , vitamins K and B are again being produced in the intestines, epithelial cells are restored. Microflora is populated due to the large number of important organic acids in the preparation that contribute to the increased growth of lactobacilli-intestinal bacteria. And fatty acids restore the epithelium.

About how to take Hilak Forte in detail tells the instructions, as well as experienced doctors. This drug is dispensed without a prescription and can sometimes be prescribed for children. The method, how to drink Hilak Forte adults, is as follows:

  1. Taking medication is carried out on 40-60 drops in each time.
  2. The number of receptions per day is usually 3, but can be changed by the attending physician.
  3. Suspension Hilak Forte can be diluted in water, tea, juice or any other liquid, excluding any dairy products.
  4. Take the drug before or during meals.

How many days to take Hilak Forte, it is also desirable to discuss with a specialist. Usually, a stable improvement in the condition and work of the intestine occurs within a week. To fix the result, you can drink the drug for up to 14 days, reducing the dose by half.

Indications for use Hilak Forte

In addition to dysbiosis, Hilak Forte helps to cope with diarrhea and constipation, colitis, digestive disorders due to climate changes or epithelial layer damage. It reduces gassing in the intestine, and is also used for skin diseases that are caused by impaired metabolism.

Contraindications and side effects

Possible side effects include diarrhea and constipation. Sometimes there are obvious symptoms of allergies in the form of rashes, itching and redness of the skin. The only contraindication to the use of Hilak Forte is hypersensitivity to the drug and its constituents.

Hilak Forte during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Dysbacteriosis of the mother and infant can also be treated with the help of Hilak Forte. At the same time, there were no deviations in the development of children before and after childbirth. This allows us to talk about the safety of the drug for the health of the newborn and the fetus, exactly, as for a pregnant woman.

Prevention of dysbiosis using Hilak Forte

For the prevention of dysbiosis can also be used Hilak Forte, only in a reduced dose. It is recommended that adults take 20-40 drops three times a day, before or during meals. Preventive maintenance should be carried out not too long that the organism at all has not lost ability independently to develop the necessary acids.

In general, Hilak Forte is irreplaceable in terms of application, both to adults and children. Especially, the benefit of the drug is palpable during pregnancy, when many medicines for women are under strict prohibition.