Feeding the baby after a year

The nutrition of the child before and after the year is significantly different. In the first months of his life the baby gets only mother's milk or an adapted mixture, then from 4-6 months he starts to try new products for himself, gradually replacing the usual feeding with lure. In a year the child, usually, already is familiar with the majority of dishes of children's assortment. Along with milk, he eats vegetable and fruit puree, yogurt and cottage cheese, meat and fish, cereals and soups, drinks juices and compotes.

After a year, the amount of food received by a child increases, because it is constantly growing. Formed also the taste preferences of the baby: some foods like him more, some - less, and he is already able to let the parents know about it.

The child's diet after 1 year

All parents want to know what is best to feed the baby after a year.

The basis of the diet is still breast milk or a mixture, but the number of such feedings should gradually decrease until normal, "adult" food replaces them completely. When the final excommunication from breastfeeding (artificial) feeding occurs, the parents decide individually. It can happen at any age, the main thing is that the child by that time already fully fed on the usual food.

However, it's too early for a child to switch to a common table. Baby dishes should remain childish: they should not be too fatty, sharp or salty. Products for the children's menu are best cooked, baked, stewed or steamed.

In the daily diet of the child must be present meat (chicken or turkey fillet, veal, rabbit). Once a week, instead of meat dishes, serve fish (trout, pike perch, cod, hake). Do not forget about the dishes from the liver, which is rich in iron.

Cottage cheese in the children's diet is the main source of calcium. Casserole or cottage cheese and fruit puree is an excellent breakfast for an active one-year-old child.

Vegetables cooked on steam, save much more vitamins, than boiled. Also from them you can cook a delicious stew. Vegetable puree children after a year is better not to offer, because they can already chew the pieces of food and must train to develop this skill. Too uniform consistency of dishes can only do much harm.

In the diet of a child after a year, include porridge from whole, unmilled grains. From cereals you can cook not only porridge, but soup. Alternate soups from cereals and vegetables.

This table indicates the products that must necessarily be present in the child's diet after a year, and the rates of their daily intake. Of course, the child is not obliged to adhere to these figures up to a gram, these are only averaged indicators.

Child's diet after 1 year

A one-year-old baby still needs a five-time diet as before. Gradually, by the age of two, the number of feedings will be reduced to four per day. Over time, the child will eat more and more food at a time, and it will take more time to digest it.

As for the night feeding, after a year the child does not cease to need them, if before that he regularly ate at night. Therefore, while you do not excommunicate it from the breast or a bottle, night feeding should not be canceled. They are "cleaned" in the last place, replacing night feeding with drink or canceling altogether.

In a word, a child's nutrition after a year is an intermediate stage between the introduction of complementary foods and the final transition to a common table. And your task now is to make sure that the baby likes useful food so that he can eat dishes prepared by his mother, with pleasure and great appetite.