Fans of Kirsten Dunst are confident that the star will soon become a mom

Fans of the Hollywood actress Kristen Dunst noticed that recently the beauty has considerably added in weight and, most likely, is pregnant.

The actress is an infrequent guest of secular parties and star parties, but was recently seen at an event in New York with her fiancé. The famous beauty looked great in the original black dress of unusual design and immediately attracted the attention not only of the paparazzi, but also of those around. Hundreds of cameras flashed every now and then, trying as best as possible to capture the brilliant Kirsten. Despite the low-key make-up with a slight blush and elegantly gathered hair, the film star looked very impressive and at the same time at ease.

Gestures said everything

But, the attention of the fans was most attracted by the slightly changed figure of the star. Fans noticed her rounded shape and assured that the actress is preparing to become a mom for the first time.

The network immediately appeared on the commentary on the tummy, and actively discussed the gestures of the star, according to fans, clearly emphasizing that she is pregnant:

"Did you see the picture where she shows her tummy Naomi Watts?", "Kirsten was given her gestures covering her stomach", "She covers her tummy with her hands, which is peculiar only to pregnant women", "What wonderful news!".
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Weight gain Kirsten Dunst has long been discussed in social networks, but neither the actress nor her boyfriend have yet made an official statement on this matter. But remembering how long the couple hid their relationship, which started on the filming of the series "Fargo", do not be surprised that this news lovers will hide for some time.