Exercises for leg muscles

Of course, hairpins can visually make their legs slimmer and more elegant, but their capabilities also have a limit, and then we begin to think about what we can do for ourselves to improve the external data of our legs.

In order to choose a set of exercises for the muscles of the legs, one should look at the example of the owners of really ideal limbs, and those are the dancers and gymnasts, which provide the legs with excessive loads. Legs hold the weight of our body, accordingly, nature has made them very hardy. And if this natural force is not used (not walking, riding an elevator, driving a sedentary lifestyle), then, ultimately, your legs will become not only not attractive, but also weak, unworkable.


So, we will try to give a full load for the muscles of the legs with the help of the following exercises.

We will perform a circular exercise program for the development of the leg muscles - each exercise is 30 seconds, there is a break between them - also 10 seconds. After the end of the unit, rest for 1 minute, and perform 2 more blocks.

  1. Do squats with jumping. Squat, hands touch the floor, straightening his legs, break away from the floor and stretch his arms up. Basically, this is an exercise on the strength of the muscles of the legs and for pumping the buttocks.
  2. We wring out on the hands, legs straightened.
  3. We stand on all fours, legs bent at the knees raise in turn alternately on exhalation.
  4. We lay down on the floor, hands along the body, tear at the same time from the floor and the body, and the legs on exhalation, on the inspiration we do not drop the legs or head to the floor to the end.
  5. We take a bag with weights, we put it on the shoulders. Legs are bred wider than shoulders, socks look apart, with hands holding the bag. On exhalation we do squats "plie", on inhalation we return to FE. This is a great exercise for the internal muscles of the legs. The pelvis must necessarily be "drawn" into itself, and not pulled back, which, in this case, will be a big mistake.

If you want your legs to lose weight, you will have little exclusive strength training for the muscles of your legs. Weight loss can only be uniform, due to the acceleration of metabolism. And the best way to activate it is muscle mass, which consumes much more energy for its content than fat.

Muscles will provide you with weight loss, even in a state of rest, which is why we suggest you do squats in combination with exercises on the buttocks , as well as work on the press.